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One Piece Odyssey

All Sanji Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Sanji" iconSanji is one of the primary damage-dealing characters in One Piece Odyssey, equipped with strong attacks, and moves that can even apply burns to a target. In addition, there are lots of skills he can use. It means that you’ll need lots of cubes to fill out those slots, and use his unique cooking skill to create amazing food for the upcoming boss battles. To make that possible, we’ve made this list of all Sanji’s cube fragments in One Piece Odyssey.

All Sanji Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Below you’ll find a list of all the cubes fragments you can get in each map and region of the game. We’ve primarily done it in the order of the campaign storylines, but there are a few areas you can come back to and pick items up. Also, Sanji has a few cube fragments you can get from two side quests in Dressrosa. These are the Someone Must Meet, and My Dearest Violet, awarding six more fragments. You don’t need to do these if you don’t want to, but, it’s worth noting.

Lastly, you’ll also get the Trophy for getting Sanji cubes following this guide if you don’t already have it.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cube Collector: Sanji

Collected 40 of Sanji's cube fragments.

Trophy icon

Chapter 1: Waford South

(1 of 2) On the Inland Sea

On the Inland Sea (left), Next to the Thunderhead Ruins 2BF Northeast switch. (right)

  1. The first Sanji cube is found in Waford South. Head over to the north side of Waford South in the Inland Sea and cross over use the gum-gum grapple to cross over to the very small island on the right. From there, you can find Sanji’s core is below the jumping point.
  2. You can find the second Sanji cube at the top of one of the power switches in the final stage of the Thunderhead Ruins.

Alabasta Cube Fragments: Chapter 2

(1 of 3) In a hidden ditch near the Bone Bride crossing in the Great Sandy Desert.

  1. When you reach the Great Sandy Desert and behind to cross the bone bridge to reach the central ruin, you can see a hidden ledge below. Climb down the vines, all the way down to the bottom to get a Sanji cube.
  2. Head left from the entrance at Alubarna, then go north. You can find the cube beside some market stalls at the top path that runs east.
  3. In the middle of Alubarna, under some archer walls next to a building. Directly left of the middle save point.

Chapter 3: Dust Ruins

(1 of 2) Under a platform in the flipped mirror room.

Under a platform in the flipped mirror room. (left), In the corner of the plaza room. (right)

  1. Flip the Dust Ruin puzzle room upside down, then take the east door up the stairs. The cube is near the entrance, on the floor, behind a stone wall south of the entrance.
  2. Inside the Dust Ruins plaza with "Sand Del Kong" iconSand Del Kong standing guard in the Dust Ruins. Defeat the gorillas, and it is in the corner of the room.

Chapter 4: Water Seven

(1 of 7) Southeast corner of Fountain Square in teh city.

  1. In the middle section of Water Seven City Area. Head up the stairs from the general store, then stick to the buildings on the right. The cube is beside some outdoor table and chair.
  2. Very southeast corner of Water Seven City. Head directly south of the Dock One entrance, and you will find a cube on the small dock area.
  3. South West corner of the Dock One map. Go up some stairs, near a stone fence when you enter the area.
  4. Head to the southwest corner of the Dock One map, and look into a material shed. The cube is behind some cover.
  5. In the bottom center part of the sewer in a pipe.
  6. Tower of Law 2bf. In one of the cells first one on the left in the middle left row.
  7. Inside one of Tower of Law’s storage room in the middle of the map. Use "Chopper" iconChopper to ascend the vent behind the flamethrower trap.

Chapter 5: King Kong Garden & Ice Ruins

(1 of 6) In between the two paths in King Kong Garden.

  1. On the western part of King Kong Garden. Follow the track from the east side, then north, and then cross the gap to the west. The cube should be floating between both pathways you can see on the minimap.
  2. Behind the tree on the southwest part of the King Kong Garden, next to the fast travel point.
  3. Three cubes can be acquired by getting the cube at the top of the first room in the Ice Block Ruins
  4. Inside the Ice Block Ruins First Control Room. It is at the top right hexagon room when you get into the core of the ruin.
  5. Two cubes are obtained via the Ice Block Ruin Second Lift. Head into the room, and it is immediately on the left of the entrance door as you load in.
  6. Continue down the Ice Block Ruin eastern path, and you will come across the southeast corner Flying at the side of the path is a floating Cube. You get three Sanji fragments, and one Luffy fragment too.

Chapter 8: Dressrosa

(1 of 6) Broken steps in the Foot of New Royal - Dressrosa City

  1. Head to the southeast section of Dressrosa City at the Foot of New Royal Plateau. Head to the left side of the area, along the broken stone steps, and there’s a cube in the rubble. It contains thee Sanji fragments and two Luffy fragments.
  2. Two Chopper and Sanji fragments are available in the broken building you can enter in the Square, AT Fountain in Dressrosa City. It is towards the southwest area of the City.
  3. Follow the Coliseum Path to the southwest part of the city, and enter the building on the bend in the road. You can get two "Nami" iconNami fragments and three Sanji fragments.
  4. Enter the Royal New Plateau – 2nd Level- War Plateau area. Head south towards the collapsed bridge that goes southeast. There is a cube amongst the rubble of the nearby building. You will get two Sanji and Luffy fragments.
  5. You can find a cube hiding directly below a drop-down in the ground near where wind-up toy soldier guards in the Destroyed City Area of the New Royal Plateau - 2nd Level. You will get two Sanji and Luffy fragments.
  6. Continue through the Foot of Flower Hill in 3rd level New Royal Plateau. You will come across an area above you, which requires you to grab onto a spike on the cliff wall above. Grapple to it, and you will find a cube on the ground dead ahead. You will get three Sanji fragments and two Robin fragments.

Chapter 9: Waford and the Sky Tower

(1 of 3) Inside the Sky Tower.

  1. Head inside the Sky Tower and start progressing through the Strange Cube Tower Floor Level 1. The platform you path through in the northwest corner allows you to reach up and grab an isolated cube on another platform. You will acquire three Sanji fragments from this.
  2. When you cross from Sky Tower’s Purifying Gardens in the south to the Forest in the north, you will jump between vines walls on the eastern side. When you reach the northern tip of the climbable area, drop all the way down, as you will reach a cliff edge. Here you can see a cube in the distance that Luffy can grab. You will get three Sanji and Chopper fragments.
  3. This one is in the southwest corner of Waford South, but, we figured we’d throw it in as we only explored this are in Chapter 9 you may get it earlier, but, it’s hard to determine thanks to the restricted movement you have there in Chapter 5, 7, and the bulk of 9. You can get one cube from the Forbidden Valley, which is west of Waford South. Drop down the chasm and grab a cube in the lake. You get one Sanji fragment.

Marineford: Go whenever you can

(1 of 2) Down the first set of stairs in the town.

Down the first set of stairs in the town. (left), To the left of the Fountain. (right)

Marineford opens up at Chapter 6, but only has a cinematic back-to-back boss battle sequence. You can return here through Lin’s memoria request at later stages, such as when you’ve done the main story at the end of chapter 9.

  1. Head to Marineford’s North Town, and go down the first set of stone stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right, and look for barrels against the wall. To the left of them are some boxes with a cube in front of them. You will get three Luffy and Sanji fragments.
  2. Enter the South Town part of Marineford, and look directly left if you’re facing the fountain from the stairs. In the corner of the fountain square is a cube containing three fragments for Sanji and "Zoro" iconZoro.
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