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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Bon Clay Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

Sometimes, you will run into a challenging boss fight that gives you trouble during the course of One Piece Odyssey. That is the case with Bon Clay, a boss you fight while doing the main story events in Alubarna of Alabasta. This page will detail the strategy behind the boss fight, with tips and tricks to defeating him.

Bon Clay will be confronted during your visit to Alubarna in Alabasta

How to Beat Bon Clay in One Piece Odyssey

One look at the battlefield during the Bon Clay boss fight and you will see why it might be a little challenging. You are facing a lot of enemies in this battle, nine to be exact, so things might get a little hectic. Bon Clay himself is a Speed-type, and five of the normal enemies are also Speed-types. The other three normal enemies are Technique-types, so characters like "Nami" iconNami and "Usopp" iconUsopp might be good here, since they won’t be at a disdvantage at all. "Zoro" iconZoro and Robin might be a little bit troubled, since there are so many enemies that have an advantage over them.

Of course, you have to be a little cautious with the Technique-type enemies, as they carry bladed weapons and can inflict Bleed on your characters. Other than that, you won’t see any other ailments. The majority of the normal enemies just use basic attacks, with the bladed ones possibly using Spirit Strike. As for Bon Clay, he has his normal attack, as well as a move called Swan Bombardier Arabesque, which hits a single character for some good damage (about 250 or so damage to a Power-type character).

(1 of 4) You’re up against a lot of enemies in this battle

The biggest problem with Bon Clay is that he gets a lot of turns, so he’s actually quite dangerous if he manages to pull off his special move multiple times in a row. That is why you don’t want to put Zoro or !Robin in the same area as him (probably best to not use them at all, despite them having skills that hit multiple enemies), since he can bring them down very quickly. Keep "Sanji" iconSanji and "Luffy" iconLuffy in the same area as Bon Clay to have an easier time healing. If you have a lot of "Bronze Bat Soup" iconBronze Bat Soups in your inventory, they are the perfect item for this battle, due to all of your characters likely taking damage from the enemies.

Nami’s Thunderbolt Tempo is great here, not only because it hits all enemies, but also because there is a slight chance of it inflicting paralysis. Usopp also has a multi-enemy skill, as does Luffy. Unfortunately, "Chopper" iconChopper and Sanji don’t have any, despite their advantage over so many of the enemies, although Chopper is great for his healing skill. As mentioned above, it’s probably best to leave Zoro and Robin out of the battle, due to their large disadvantage with so many Speed-type enemies. Defeat all the normal enemies first, then you can cocentrate on Bon Clay at the end. Note that you can get extra experience by defeating Bon Clay with Sanji, as there will be a Dramatic Scene at some point mentioning that.

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