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One Piece Odyssey

All Yaya Cubes In Alubarna City

Paul McNally

The humble "Yaya Cube" iconYaya Cube - so often found in its natural habitat of the ornate jar scattered around One Piece’s Odyssey’s world. This in-game collectible, while mysterious, is a vital part of an achievement as well as a side quest, so don’t just ignore them on your travels. Make sure you hunt them down with the aid of our Yaya Cube guides. If you get really stuck on finding one you can always use our interactive map of Alurbarna City to help you pinpoint their exact location.

Where Do You Find Yaya Cubes?

While we don’t know what they do or what purpose they serve, we do know that Yaya Cubes are only ever found in breakable objects in One Piece Odyssey’s world. You won’t find them in a chest or hidden on a shiny spot in the ground. So concentrate your hunt on looking for jars, vases, barrels and the like to maximize your chances of success.

Yaya Cube Locations In Alurbarna City

Alurbarna City is a bit of a warren to get around and some areas are sealed off until later, and there are also others which can only be accessed by switching to "Chopper" iconChopper and going through small openings. Fundamentally though, three of the four cubes here are in close proximity to each other, with the first being right at the start of your adventure in the city. So let’s get cube hunting.

Alurbarna City Yaya Cube #1

Once you arrive outside the city walls you have a short journey to the city walls and gates themselves. There are a few fights you can pick for EXP out here but either way, make your way North to the Tavern, merchant and Save Point area and up the steps you will see the giant doors to the City itself.

You will find this !Yaya Cube in the room immediately after you pass through the gate.

Upon entering the City you will find yourself in a short corridor with a further door at the other end. There are a couple of shiny spots on your left hand side, but the jar you are looking for with the Yaya Cube inside can be located on the right hand side of the corridor.

Alurbarna City Yaya Cube #2

The second cube is in close proximity to the first, albeit this one is hiding outdoors in a barrel rather than inside like the last one we found. Once you have passed through the second door to the outside once again you will spot another (rather needless) Save Point) to the right of the door. Head up the stairs here and you can choose to go right or left.

This cube is hiding in a barrel down this dead-end.

Down each side are similar alleyways. We want to choose the right-hand path to locate this Yaya Cube so turn the corner and double back down the stairs and follow it round until you spot a barrel. The cube you seek can be found by smashing it open.

Alurbarna City Yaya Cube #3

The third Yaya Cube can be found in the area known as Lovely Spring Plaza, which you can find here on our map. Once you make your way to the Plaza - which is on the Western side of the map - start looking for a barrel.

This barrel looks like it is easily smashed open. There might just be a cube hiding inside.

If you are having trouble spotting it, it is located to the right hand side of some small stone steps. Smash it open and the third Yaya Cube is yours to keep.

Alurbarna City Yaya Cube #4

The final cube is a little further into the city but in a location that you will be visiting as your progress the main story, so you won’t have to go hunting like you have for some of the others so far.

Easy to find this one. Break the barrel open on the street where you head to the palace to find it.

At the beginning of the street that takes you to the Royal Palace you should notice a barrel nest to the wall on the left hand side. Smash that open and collect your latest Yaya Cube.

Your Yaya Cube collection is coming along nicely. Remember you only need 99 of them to get the Collector Achievement.

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