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One Piece Odyssey

All Waford Cube Fragments for Zoro in One Piece Odyssey

Matt Chard

At the beginning of One Piece Odyssey, an incident occurs that will cause all of "Luffy" iconLuffy’s entourage to lose all of their powers. The only way to get back their powers is to go through their memories to get back a previously lost power. Thus starts the journey for Luffy and his crew. Upon reacquiring a lost power, you’ll need to increase their strength with Cube Fragments that are now scattered across the realm. This page will guide you through all his Cube Fragments in Waford, and the connecting areas to bring "Zoro" iconZoro back to his full strength, and reward you with the Cube Collector: Zoro trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cube Collector: Zoro

Collected 50 of Zoro's cube fragments.

Trophy icon

Zoro only needs 50 Cube Fragments to unlock the trophy/achievement.

Where to Find All of Zoro’s Cube Fragments in Waford

There are quite a few cube fragments to find in Waford. Some of these areas won’t be available until you progress through the game and reach later chapters. Note: Some fragments will have 3 fragments in 1.

Zoro Lake Shore Cave Cube Fragments

This is the tutorial dungeon that can be found in the southeast of Waford.

Zoro Cube Fragment 1 - 3

Location Map Marker
Lake Shore Cave - Waford Map Pin

On top of a stone block area in the Lake Shore Cave. You can either climb up to it or grapple it over to you with Luffy’s elasticated arms if you’re in range. It is towards the top right section near the end of the area, or you can grapple it from the stone blocks above the watery area.

Behind the statue of the stone block area in the northeast of the cave.

Zoro Cube Fragment 2

Location Map Marker
Waford South - Waford Map Pin

Head to South Beach which is situated in the southwest of Waford. The cube fragment will be behind a small rock near the rock face. You have to come back here after Lake Shore Cave to acquire this.

Behind a small rock in South Beach (Beginning area). Must complete Lake Shore Cave first.

King Kong Garden Cube Fragments

This is the place right at the beginning of the game. You won’t be able to access these fragments at this stage of the game as you haven’t lost your powers yet. You’ll need to complete Lake Shore Cave first, and then head back here.

Zoro Cube Fragment 3

Location Map Marker
King Kong Garden - Waford Map Pin

Progress the story until you have free reign over Waford and make your way all the way south to the beach where Thousand Sunny resides. Now go through the cave to the east again, and you’ll be back in the King Kong Garden sub-area. The cube will be on one of the western paths. Head south after you go through the sizeable rocky archway. Grapple or climb the vines up to the next area. As you progress further, there will be a gap to grapple across. Instead of grappling, rotate your camera northeast, and look down. There you’ll see the cube next to the tree.

Next to the tree off the map after climbing the vines.

Zoro Cube Fragment 4

Location Map Marker
King Kong Garden - Waford Map Pin

From the southern Save Point follow the path east until you get to the second grapple point. Before grappling over, face your camera to the northeast to find the cube floating in front of the rock face. Use Luffy to reach it.

Thunderhead Ruins Cube Fragments

As you progress through the story you’ll end up here. This area is in the southeast of Waford South.

Zoro Cube Fragment 5

Location Map Marker
Thunderhead Ruins B1F - Thunderhead Ruins Map Pin

During the first puzzle sequence, you can manipulate the switches to unlock the door in the north. Just past the door, in the corner is the cube fragment.

Manipulate the switches to gain access to the northern door where the cube will be sitting in the corner.

Zoro Cube Fragment 6

Location Map Marker
Thunderhead Ruins B1F - Thunderhead Ruins Map Pin

In the same room as the previous fragment, there’ll be a small hole for "Chopper" iconChopper to go through. Follow the long-winding tunnel until you reach the next room. The cube will be at the back to your left. Either use the Stalactite to swing across or use Luffy’s elasticated arms to grab it.

Zoro Cube Fragment 7

Location Map Marker
Thunderhead Ruins B2F - Thunderhead Ruins Map Pin

In the room where you fight the "Thunder Colossus" iconThunder Colossus, there is a ladder to the west. Climb the ladder and manipulate the switch to open the door to your left. Head into the next room to find the cube lying in the southwest corner.

Climb the ladder west of the Thunder Colossus and open the door via the nearby switch. Cube will be in the southwest corner of the next room.

Zoro Cube Fragment 8

Location Map Marker
Thunderhead Ruins B2F - Thunderhead Ruins Map Pin

In the room where you fight the Thunder Colossus, there is a small hole for Chopper to go through in the east. Follow the long-winding tunnel until you reach the next room, and take the west exit. This room will have a vine wall to climb, but if you look carefully, you’ll spot the cube obscured by the blocks at its base.

To the side of the blocks at the base of the vine wall.

Dust Ruins Cube Fragments

This area is to the west of "Adio" iconAdio’s house. This area will be accessible from Chapter 3.

Zoro Cube Fragment 9

Location Map Marker
Dust Ruins - Waford Map Pin

You won’t be able to enter Dust Ruins until Chapter 3. The entrance to it is west of Adio’s house in Waford South. In the “Dust Ruins Barrier Door’’ area there is an inverted pillar with a green tip in the west that can be grappled onto. This will place you on a small stone ledge where the cube resides.

On top of the stone ledge in the Barrier Door area. Use the nearby inverted pillar to reach it.

Zoro Cube Fragment 10

Location Map Marker
Dust Ruins - Waford Map Pin

Dust Ruins again and this can be found in the Dust Ruins Wind colossus Stand sub-area. From the Dust Ruins Plaza Save Point, go through the door next to it into the next room. Head northeast, and you should see the cube on the tip of the light.

On the tip of the light north of the Dust Ruins Plaza Save Point.

Zoro Cube Fragment 11

Location Map Marker
Dust Ruins - Waford Map Pin

Not far from the previous fragment. Make your way on top of the "Wind Colossus" iconWind Colossus Stand by taking the eastern stairs. Use the grapple point in the north to reach the platform then head east until you reach the cube.

At the end of the walkway above the Wind Colossus Stand. Use the nearby grapple point to reach it.

Ice Block Ruins Cube Fragments

When you reach Chapter 5, you’ll need to go to the Ice Block Ruins. There are several fragments for you to find here.

Zoro Cube Fragment 11-12

Location Map Marker
Ice Block Ruins - Waford Map Pin

This fragment can be found near the start of the area. Near the Save Point inside the Ice Block Ruins Entrance area that leads to the main testing area. You can find a cube in the southwest corner containing two fragments.

In the southwest corner near the Ruin’s Entrance Save Point.

Zoro Cube Fragment 13-15

Location Map Marker
Ice Block Ruins - Waford Map Pin

You’ll need to make your way up to the Upper Part of the waterfall using the platforms on the west side to reach this cube. Once you get to the top, head across the ice towards the large door and run to the right of it. Follow the building to the end to find the cube. This contains three fragments.

To the side of the building in the upper part of the waterfall.

Zoro Cube Fragment 16-18

Location Map Marker
Ice Block Ruins - Waford Map Pin

Inside the Ice Block Ruins Last Experiment Room. Head to the westernmost part of the room and go inside the small hole with Chopper. Follow the path down, then turn left as soon as you can.

In the Last Experiment Room, head west and go under the building with Chopper. Take the first left to find the cube.

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