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One Piece Odyssey

Best One Piece Odyssey Mods

Paul McNally

While you may be having a lot of fun playing One Piece Odyssey, we would be amazed if there aren’t at least a few things you are finding grating, or even downright annoying.

Gameplay mechanics such as forcing you to run around endlessly with the world’s slowest sprint can quickly get tiring and if you are anything like us, you are probably finding the game’s difficulty level could do with being tough.

Being a Unity game though the modders are out in force and we are already starting to see interesting mods appearing so we are going to look at the best ones out in the wild at the moment.

Remember modding your game can break it and we would always against doing it if you are not completely comfortable with the process. Having said that, if the worst comes to worst you can always uninstall and reinstall, but just be wary about your save game. Nobody wants to fight all the King Fun Dungong’s again.

Nexus Mods is a great source of mods for all games, and now includes One Piece Odyssey in its catalog

One Piece Odyssey Mods

For starters here, if you are playing on a console you are pretty much out of luck. Sony and Microsoft aren’t exactly fans of letting you mod games unless they directly support it, so to mod One Piece Odyssey successfully you are going to need to be playing the PC version.

Usually, the easiest way to mod a game you have purchased on Steam is to use the Steam Workshop feature and take it from there. Unfortunately, a game has to have that feature and One Piece Odyssey currently does not, so we have to find a third-party site to help us out.

The hugely successful Nexus Mods is where we shall head for all our modding delights today. New mods are being added daily so definitely feel free to check it out, but, at the time of writing here are the mods that caught out eye.

Remember modding One Piece Odyssey is new so more advanced and better mods will be just around the corner.

Difficulty Increase Mod

While some players have struggled with the ramp-up in difficulty on some of the boss characters, you can still generally get through most fights without a scare if you are well enough equipped with food and Trick Balls at the start.

Increasing the difficulty with this mod will dramatically affect your gameplay experience.

With that in mind, this mod will send the difficulty level to new heights and scales all enemies’ HP, Attack, Power, and so on much higher.

You can choose from six presets or create your own which is a nice feature.

Speed Piece - Run Speed And Controller Camera Speed Increase

The other main fault people find with the game is that with the amount of cross-world movement you need to do, the main character simply doesn’t move quickly enough. Just by tweaking the speed up by a small percentage can actually shave hours of unnecessary playtime off the game - time you can spend better elsewhere.

Being able to move across land much quicker is a real bonus in One Piece Odyssey

This mod increases your overworld movement speed by 150% and improves the camera movement with your controller by 1-%, making it quicker to survey your surroundings.

Remove Time Change Post Processing Or Brush Stroke Filter

This mod is one of the more interesting graphical mods available at the moment and it allows you to directly affect the art style of what you see. Depending on the time of day, or whether you are in a Fractured Memory, different brush styles are automatically applied. This mod removes them all and gives you a much cleaner, cartoon style to the whole game

Removing the post-processing on the graphics is the function of this interesting little mod

What it does according to the author:
“Removes either all Post Processing based on the Time of the Day (e.g., the yellow filter, the aberration, and the brush stroke); or optionally only the brush stroke/“hatching” filter that is applied to all visuals in the game.”:

Photorealistic Preset V1.0

Now we are getting to some impressive work with this slightly more complex mod. Photorealistic Preset uses Reshade to apply post-processing to the game and make the landscape and textures more, well, photorealistic.

Shading on the background and character textures is dramatically enhanced with this mod

It’s actually a hugely dramatic change to the game and in our opinion makes it look even better. You will need to install Reshade and apply the preset to get it to work, but if you follow the instructions carefully on the mod’s page you will be fine. Reshade presets can also be easily turned off and on and are totally non-destructive to your game files.

Those are the best mods we have found so far but we will keep this page regularly updated with new, impressive mods as they come along.

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