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One Piece Odyssey

All Chopper Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Chopper" iconChopper is one of the most useful characters in One Piece Oyssey. He has plenty of support utility designed to save allies from death or status effects. But, he’s a heavy hitter too, thanks to the Monster form skills and attacks providing some of the strongest damage in the game. While the support skills don’t require cubes, your attacks, especially monster form attacks, will require lots of cubes. To make Chopper the best he can be, we’ve made this handy guide to finding all Chopper cubes in One Piece Odyssey.

All Chopper Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

We’ve split all of these cubes into different game areas, typically in the order the narrative flows. You can always return to the cubes you may have missed in each area, especially if you have access to any area you want with the Memoria up and running. We’ve also got screenshots of every cube for Chopper, which are matched with a numbered list for each section for more details on finding them if you need it.

Waford South Cubes: Chapter 1

(1 of 3) Grapple to the top of Lake Shore Cave’s entrance to reach these cubes.

  1. On top of the arches in the Lake Shore Cave. You can get up there using "Luffy" iconLuffy’s grapple hook to reach them by the glowing green stalagmites on the cave roof. Once you’re up, there’s from the southwest to southeast.
  2. Found on the side of a ledge in the Thunderhead Bluff region of Waford South. This is the area that leads to the Thunderhead Ruins.
  3. Chopper’s third Cube is found in the same spot as "Usopp" iconUsopp’s second Cube. You can get this by a hidden cube spawning above the climbable vines in the final stage of the Thunderhead Ruins main story mission. It is in the top right corner of the room, on top of a ledge above vines.

Alabasta Cubes: Chapter 2

(1 of 2) Head west at the first turning in the Desert Near Alubarna

Head west at the first turning in the Desert Near Alubarna (left), The southwest corner of the bottom floor mausoleum level has a cube isolated on a platform you need to grapple to. (right)

  1. In the Desert Near Alubarna. Head left from the first major point you can go into two different directions and its floating off the side of the rock wall. Need Luffy to grab it.
  2. The bottom left corner of the B4F map room in Alubarna Royal Mausoleum. You need to solve the switch puzzle in the room to get to it, then cross over to the south side. Luffy is required to get to this location.

Dust Ruins: Chapter 3

Go to the normal version of the Dust Ruins Corridor room to find this cube.

  1. In the Dust Ruin corridor puzzle room. Enter its normal version, and then follow the stone pathway to the end. It’s guarded by a beetle directly on top of it.

Water Seven: Chapter 4

(1 of 4) On the outdoor seating area of the cafe near the mayor’s residence.

  1. Go to the Mayoral Residence fast travel spot in the Water Seven City Area. Once you’re there, head southwest, and approach the building with outdoor tables next to the white stairs. A cube appears beside the white flower pot.
  2. Found in the Water Seven City Dock map. You can find one behind the logs in the northeast area of the Dock.
  3. Inside the abandoned factory area of the Water Seven City region. Southwest portion of the City map. You’ll need to be up to the sewer main story missions before you can access this area.
  4. On the Tower of Law 2BF map. It is behind a metal gate Zoro can cut through, but a "Blue Gorilla" iconBlue Gorilla guards it.

Ice Block Ruin: Chapter 5

You get this in the boss room of the Ice Ruins.

  1. Inside the Ice Block Ruins Third Experiment Room. You need to turn the water into ice using the weather puzzle switch to reach the cube. You get three cube fragments for this.

Dressrosa: Chapter 8

(1 of 8) Along the stone wall near Dressrosa East and Coliseum Road. Be careful of the Baroque Mercenaries, though.

  1. Follow the Dressrosa City East path, all the way to the stone bridge that merges this street with the road that leads to the Coliseum and the Blacksmith, filled with mercenary enemies. Look up towards the stone gateway, and you can see a cube floating in the air. You get three Chopper and two "Nami" iconNami fragments.
  2. Two Chopper fragments are available in the enterable broken building in the Square, AT Fountain in Dressrosa City. It is towards the southwest area of the city. You will also get two "Sanji" iconSanji cube fragments too.
  3. Before crossing the first main story bridge in New Royal Plateau 1st Level, head left, and go to the building with orange and white colored diamonds before the Chopper hole. There is a cube containing two Chopper and Luffy fragments.
  4. Cross over to the north side of the Great Fissure in New Royal Plateau - 1st Level, and then parkour up the mud to reach a broken stone bridge facing east. At the edge is a cube you can get containing three Usopp and two Chopper fragments.
  5. On the north side of the New Royal Plateau - 1st Level, you can climb an area that laps you around the most northern point. In that area is a broken blue building, which contains a cube in the rubble. This offers you two Chopper and Robin fragments.
  6. Enter the New Royal Plateau Sewers via the 2F Plateau Chopper entrance in the north and navigate the sewers. One pathway will lead you to a cube containing two Nami and Chopper fragments.
  7. Head south until you find the New Royal Plateau - 2nd level - Destroyed City Ruins region. When you cross, you will follow some stone pathway with a gilded metal fence facing a yellow round building. A cube is on one of the grey stone details above the front door. You will get three Chopper fragments, and two "Franky" iconFranky fragments.
  8. As you begin to cross the huge gap to the northwest side of the New Royal Plateau - 3rd Level, there is a cube below the first crossing point in the rubble. This contains two Chopper and "Zoro" iconZoro fragments.

Waford Central: Chapter 9

(1 of 4) To the left of the Sky Tower entrance in Waford Central.

  1. To the left of the Sky Tower entrance from the outside is a cube. This contains two !Robin and Chopper fragments.
  2. In the southern central part of the Purity Garden Sky Tower, you will come across a cliff on the left side with a birds nest on it, followed by another blue chilly-chilly bird. You can climb on the pile of rocks on that platform, and look into the bird’s nest to get the cube, You will get three Franky fragments and two Chopper fragments.
  3. When you cross from the south central to the northern part of the Purifying Gardens in Sky Tower, you will jump between vines walls on the eastern side. When you reach the northern tip of the climbable area, drop all the way down, as you will reach a cliff edge. Here you can see a cube in the distance that Luffy can grab. You will get three Sanji and Chopper fragments.
  4. In the southeast area of the Forest of Cleansing, there are a few jumping platforms for Luffy and a crawl space for Chopper. At the eerie top of one of the ledges is a cube. You can head here by heading south from the north part of the map. You will get two !Robin fragments and three Chopper fragments.

Marineford: When you get the chance

The final cube can be grabbed from Marineford. Build the bridge, cross it, and it is behind the tree to the right.

Marineford appears in Chapter 6, but you don’t get to free roam at that time, instead, you can come here later on, particularly when you want to explore Memoria. When you do come here, there is only one Chopper cube to grab.

  1. Behind a tree when you cross the bridge in Marineford. You get three Chopper and Usopp fragments.
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