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One Piece Odyssey

The Truth About Eye-Lashes Side Story

Jarrod Garripoli

As with any JRPG, you are going to encounter quests away from the main story, and One Piece Odyssey is no exception. The Side Stories in this game are shown on the map with a blue marker, but once you start them, you will notice there is no tracking at all. This can make things pretty difficult with some Side Stories. This page will focus on The Truth About Eye-lashes Side Story in Alabasta.

Where to Start The Truth About Eye-lashes

(1 of 2) The questgiver is found here on the map

The questgiver is found here on the map (left), Saien will be sitting on a rock (right)

You won’t be able to start this Side Story until you reach the Great Sandy Desert in Alabasta. Once you reach the !Great Sandy Desert, in the southern half, look in the northeastern corner to spot the side story marker. The NPC’s name is Saien and he is a scientist, who deals with chemicals and trying to control animals. Agree to help him get an experiment of his back, a "Sandora Dragon" iconSandora Dragon. He mentions that the bait he prepared, a camel with unusually long eyelashes, is what you need to track down, as the lizard shouldn’t be too far behind it.

Where to Find Eye-Lashes the Camel in One Piece Odyssey

You can log this side story once you have access to the !Great Sandy Desert, but you won’t be able to finish it until you reach the northern half of the area. That means you will need to go through the Bone Bridge Canyon, then through the Sandy Ruins, too. Once you arrive in the northern half of the !Great Sandy Desert, you’ll be told to go east as part of the main story. If you stick to the southern edge of the northern half of the desert, you will eventually run into some NPCs and a camel.

Approach them to see that it’s "Eye-lashes" iconEye-lashes, the one camel that refused to let any men ride on his back. The thieves are trying to capture Eye-lashes to sell to the circus, so it’s time to put a stop to them. You will have a mixture of Power and Technique types here, so adjust your positioning carefully to avoid having anyone weak against the enemies. The thieves shouldn’t really be too much trouble, though, as they will mostly just do normal attacks on you. However, some of them do have access to the Paralysis Bag ability, which has a chance to paralyze all characters in an area.

(1 of 4) Where you will find Eye-lashes on the map

Moves that hit multiple enemies in an area, like "Zoro" iconZoro’s Dragon Twister, or "Nami" iconNami’s Thunderbolt Tempo (this hits all enemies on the field), are better to use here, to whittle down their health. Note that the enemies with bladed weapons do have a chance to inflict Bleed on you, although the damage caused by this ailment isn’t really worth the trouble in curing it, since it’s pretty miniscule.

After defeating all of the thieves, Eye-lashes will thank you for saving him, and you can report back to Saien. Note that if you’re doing this as you’re going along the main story, it’s best to continue with that until you unlock fast travelling, as it makes the trek back to Saien much easier.


Objective Rewards
Look for the bait camel 30,000, "Saien's Necklace" iconSaien’s Necklace, "Eye-lashes's Record Cube" iconEye-lashes’s Record Cube
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One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that has the crew exploring the mysterious island of Waford. There, they meet a girl that strips away their powers, and have to go through memories from their various adventures to get them back, while also trying to unravel the mystery of Waford.

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