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One Piece Odyssey

All Yaya Cubes in Nanohana Harbor

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many things you will be picking up as you explore the world of One Piece Odyssey. One of the items you will find are something called Yaya Cubes, which are sort of a collectible. This page will list all of the Yaya Cubes found in Nanohana Harbor.

What are Yaya Cubes in One Piece Odyssey

You will start finding "Yaya Cube" iconYaya Cubes in the Nanohana Harbor of Alabasta, although what they are used for will remain a mystery. They are always found in breakable objects, like crates or pots, and never in chests or as shiny spots on the ground. Thus, it’s important to always search the environments to break these things, since there is a trophy/achievement for collecting 99 Yaya Cubes, called Collector.

Yaya Cube Locations in Nanohana Harbor

Here are all of the Yaya Cubes you can find in Nanohana Harbor in Alabasta.

Yaya Cube #1

The location of the first !Yaya Cube

The first Yaya Cube you can find is close to the one merchant you speak to near the locked gate, upon first arriving in Nanohana Harbor. You speak with this merchant about some medicine in Alabasta, and he’ll send you off to the western harbor. There is a porch just south of him, so go up there and look for the crate you can break, which will yield the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #2

The location of the second !Yaya Cube

The second Yaya Cube is close to the western harbor, but you won’t be able to access this area right from the start. Once you get to the story point of looking for the medicine, you will be able to go to the harbor. Pass through the gate and head north, but before it bends back to the west, look at the little alcove on your eastern side to spot a breakable. This is where the Yaya Cube will be located.

Yaya Cube #3

The location of the third !Yaya Cube

The third Yaya Cube is located past the locked gate. To get past it, you need to progress the main story in Nanohana Harbor, until you meet the sickly man on the ground. You will go to the western harbor to retrieve the medicine, then bring it back to a merchant, who gives you something to cure the man. It turns out he’ll have the key for the locked gate, allowing access to the main plaza and surrounding areas.

From the center of the plaza, head down the western path and stop when you see another path heading south. Go down here and about halfway down, you should see a porch on your western side. Go up the stairs to find the breakable with the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #4

The location of the fourth !Yaya Cube

This Yaya Cube is in the same area as the previous one. Continue south from the third cube and go to the end of the area. You should see a man sitting on a rug, with some stairs to the immediate east of him, leading to a treasure chest. At the base of the stairs, though, is a pot that contains the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube Locations in Desert Near Nanohana

Here are all of the Yaya Cubes you can find in the Desert Near Nanohana

Yaya Cube #5

The location of the fifth !Yaya Cube

This is located near the camp site, which is inaccessible until you finish doing the cooking stuff in the main story. Once you do, you will be able to explore more of the desert. The story will force you to rest at the camp, so once that happens, head west of it to spot a hole that requires switching to "Chopper" iconChopper to pass through it. On the southern side of the hole, you will find the breakable with the Yaya Cube. It is southwest of the camp icon.

Yaya Cube #6

The sixth !Yaya Cube is in one of these two breakables

From the previous cube, switch to Chopper and pass through the small tunnel to end up in an area with some bandits. Head past the large fossil and go to the northwestern corner, where you will need "Franky" iconFranky to build a bridge. Right before going into that mini area, you should see two breakables in the corner. One of them will have the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #7

The location of the seventh !Yaya Cube in Nanohana

To the east of the camp in the desert, you will find the entrance to the Ravine of No Return. Here, you will meet an NPC who tells you about the Navi Bird and how it’s recommended you get one before going into the Ravine. In this area with the NPC, you will find a breakable on the southern side, right where you first entered the area, on the right side. That breakable will contain the Yaya Cube.

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