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One Piece Odyssey

How to Earn Berries (Money) in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

Berries are the currency used in One Piece Odyssey and are certainly useful for empowering your character. You can buy accessories, food and food recipe items, and crafting materials. Some of the most expensive accessories in the game cost 1 million berries, so you will need to make money to afford those items. Not to mention there’s a trophy to earn the 20,000,000 berries trophy. With no further ado, here is a guide on how to make money (berries) in One Piece Odyssey.

How to Make Money (Berries) in One Piece Odyessy

(1 of 2) Walking around as Nami is one way to make money in One Piece Odyessy.

Walking around as Nami is one way to make money in One Piece Odyessy. (left), Using the Steal skill on big and bad enemies can award a significant amount of money in One Piece Odyessy. (right)

Making in money in One Piece Odyseey is a relatively easy challenge There are a variety of small little tricks and tips we can provide to make the accumulation of wealth easier:

  1. Battles: During the mid-game, some fights can net you anywhere between 20k-50k, depending on the amount of enemies and how tough they are. If you get a strong comp going, like Gum Gum Gatling and use Nami’s attack all spells, you can easily punch and zap your way through entire packs of enemies, making thousands of berries in a matter of minutes. Boss fights also tend to award 100k+, though they are few and far between.
  2. Nami’s Thief Skill: Nami’s Thief skill isn’t too bad of a spell to use, depending on the situation. We wouldn’t recommend using this on the average basic fight, since the tends only to steal 1-1000 berries at a time. However, mini-bosses and chapter bosses can grant around 12k, and 25k berries, which adds up considering the number of bosses and mini-bosses there are in the game.
  3. Nami’s journey passive: Nami is back again to make you money. The biggest trick she has is her senses. There are plenty of spots in enemy camps, ruins, and even cities where you can find dropped cash. These cash pick-ups can have around 20k all the way to 80k from what we have seen so far. When you have some downtime and can walk around cities freely, we recommend playing Nami and go hunting. One good spot is the City 7 stair case near the general store section of the city. That small vicinity around the store and stairs contains around 200k gold, for example. There’s probably many more like it throughout the game world and Memoria.
  1. Bounty: There are plenty of Bounty tasks in the game, which is a type of side quest. Not only do you get trophy progression, you also get about 10% of the total value as a reward from the bounty poster to pocket. The early game bounty posters typically are between 3-4 million. So that’s a value of 30-40k berries per bounty. You can normally do around seven bounties by around Chapter 4, so that adds up very early on. There’s even more in the later stages of the game, with higher rewards too.
  2. Selling Spare Purple and Grey Quality Accessories: Sometimes, the stats on the accessories are not even worth crafting using the crafting accessory feature. Instead of wasting a good spot on a great accessory, why not just sell them instead? It’s a few thousand berries here and there, but by the time you hit end game and your chests give poor stat items, these can add up a lot over the full game time.
  3. Chests: Most Chests in the game do tend to give you random items, but the ones that give money will always give you the same amount of money. It’s always worth looting chests for those big payouts. And, if they do award items, they either help with crafting and filling new accessory slot spaces, or make a few thousand berries when you eventually sell them.
  4. Side Quests: Side quests can be a decent way of making money in One Piece Odessy, depending on the quest. One side mission awards you 40,000 berries from a nobleman in Nanohana Harbor for finding two items for him. Quests like that are very efficient for earning money. You tend to unlock more side quests once you finish a Memoria chapter as well, so if you don’t have many in your chapter, coming back later plays a big role in getting great side quest rewards.

And there you have it, you now know how to make money (berries) in One Piece Odyessy. Good luck with your path to the big 20 million and grabbing that trophy.

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