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One Piece Odyssey

All Yaya Cubes in Water Seven

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many things you will be picking up as you explore the world of One Piece Odyssey. One of the items you will find are something called Yaya Cubes, which are sort of a collectible. This page will list all of the Yaya Cubes found in Water Seven.

Yaya Cube Locations in Water Seven

Here are all of the "Yaya Cube" iconYaya Cubes you can find in the city of Water Seven.

Yaya Cube #1

The first cube is in a pot on the beach, when you first access Water Seven

The first two Yaya Cubes will be found as soon as you have access to the Water Seven area, on the beach. When you regain control, head north and you will see a pot behind the one palm tree. Bust it open for the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #2

The second cube is by the first one, but behind the Memoria Cube

To the north of the first cube, you will see the large cube that can send you back to the strange place (although you can’t use it right away). Behind that large cube, there is a barrel that will contain the second Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #3

Look in this corner of the first area of the city for the third cube

Head to the main part of Water Seven now, the city section. Once you arrive, find the nearby save point and go west from it. If this is your first time in this section, there will be a NPC that won’t allow you to continue through the opening, into the Sewer Treatment Plant. In the northwest corner of this little area, pretty much directly west of the save point icon, there is a breakable crate that contains the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #4

One of these two pots will contain another cube

Go to the area north of the tavern in the initial area mentioned above to arrive in the Cafe Park area. Towards the northeastern corner, there will be two pots on a small pier, which will be right next to a "Zoro's Cube Fragment" iconZoro’s Cube Fragment. One of the two pots will contain a Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #5

Go to this alcove in the Cafe Park area to find a pot with the cube

Still in the same Cafe Park area, go the northwestern corner of it, in the little alley there. You will find a pot at the very end of the alley, so break it open to find the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #6

The barrel right next to this bench will contain the sixth cube

From the previous cube, head north, up the long set of stairs, and into the Main Street area. On the western side, right below where you see a set of stairs that lead to nothing, you should see a barrel next to the bench. Break it open to get the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #7

On the northern side of Main Street, you will find a crate next to some tables that contains another cube

On the northern side of Main Street, you will find a "Robin's Cube Fragment" iconRobin’s Cube Fragment. Right to the left of that will be a crate you can break for another Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #8

Right outside the Red Bird Apparel shop will be this cube

On the northern end of Main Street, you can continue east and into the Fountain Square area. There are a few buildings you can enter, although none of them are actual shops that offer anything for sale. On the eastern side is one called Red Bird Apparel. Don’t go inside, but there is a breakable on the southern side outside that contains a Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #9

Look in the alcove by the two bridges down the long set of stairs for this cube

After collecting the previous cube, continue east and down the long path on your map. When you get to the bottom of all the stairs, right before the two bridges, there is a little alcove by the pillars of the building. There will be two breakables here, and one of them contains a Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #10

Use !Zoro to slice open this metal box for another cube

Cross the bridge to your east, that’s mentioned above, to arrive at the Canal Restaurant area. Keep going east, until you see a metal box in the corner, by the water. Switch to "Zoro" iconZoro and slice it open for a Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #11

All the way at the end of the Canal Restaurant area will be this cube in a crate

From the previous cube, head to the eastern end of the Canal Restaurant area to see a Yagara Bull rental shop. There will be two other boats docked in this area, on docks to the east and north. Go to the eastern dock to find two breakable objects, with the Yaya Cube on the southern side of that dock.

Yaya Cube #12

Look by the small fountain near the exit to Dock One for this cube

Return to the intersection where you first entered the Canal Restaurant area and head south this time. After crossing the bridge, locate the small fountain on the northern side of this area, then look for the dock to the west of it. There will be a jar on this dock, so bust it open for the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #13

Just south of the Dock One exit is a metal box that requires !Zoro and contains this cube

Continue south from the previous cube, past the door leading to Dock One. Along the eastern wall, you should see another metal box, so switch to Zoro and cut it open to reveal the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #14

Look in this alcove in Fountain Square for this cube

Once you progress the main story in Water Seven some, you will be able to explore the northern portion of the city, past the Fountain Square area. After climbing the initial set of stairs there, head east and into the alcove there to find a breakable container with the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #15

Just east of the save point in front of the mayor’s place is this cube

Just north of the previous cube, there is the long set of stairs that lead to the front gate of the mayor’s place. To the right of those stairs is a little area you can explore. If you look behind some tables there, you should see a crate you can smash open for another Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #16

Look directly south of the bathhouse entrance for this cube

Keep playing the main story in Water Seven, until you fight Aokiji right outside of the mayor’s place. Eventually, you will need to find a source of hot water in Water Seven, leading you to the employee’s bathhouse in the northwestern section of the city. At this point, you can explore the rest of the city, so the rest of the cubes can be gotten. When you reach the bathhouse area, go straight south from the NPC guarding the entrance to see a set of stairs. On the eastern side of the stairs, before descending them, there will be a barrel with the Yaya Cube.

Yaya Cube #17 and #18

Two cubes will be right next to one another in the Abandoned Factory area

These two cubes are together. After grabbing the previous cube, head south and into the Abandoned Factory area, where you will see some enemies roaming about there. In the northernmost area of the Abandoned Factory, there will be a spot on the northwestern side, with two breakable objects right next to each other. Both of these will contain Yaya Cubes.

Yaya Cube #19

Climb the stairs near the Yoisa Shop to find this cube

Continue south from the previous two cubes, until you reach the area with the Yoisa Shop. There will be some stairs here on the eastern side, leading to an elevated area. As soon as you ascend the stairs, go south to find a barrel with the Yaya Cube.

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