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One Piece Odyssey

How To Win One Piece Odyssey Battles

Paul McNally

You have probably already realized that you are going to be fighting a lot in One Peace Odyssey. If you haven’t already, you may soon find yourself actively trying to sneak around lower-level enemies just to get on with the game.

There are a few hints and tips however that will speed you through the fights you cannot avoid, and the ones that may trigger by accident.

How To Win Battles Quickly

Perhaps the first thing to do once you have decided you have seen enough of the, to be fair, fantastic fighting animations, is to choose the Speed Up Battles option. This will skip the animations and easily halve the time you spend in fights. If you are fighting a boss in a battle that can take a fair few minutes, you can switch this option on and enjoy the part of your life that you have just managed to get back.

The control to speed up the battles can be found in the lower right corner - see the highlighted box

If you haven’t yet read our page on Combat in One Piece Odyssey, I highly recommend you give that some of your time as it explains the mechanics of formations and zoning, as well as attack effectiveness depending on the distance. Not all of this is instantly apparent when you start playing and you may find yourself clicking your favorite moves, which may not be the most efficient way to get in and out of fights as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, moving a power character like "Luffy" iconLuffy or "Zoro" iconZoro, who can damage multiple enemies in a single attack can really speed up battles.

Switching Your Battle Crew

This is really important if you want to end your fights as quickly as possible. If you are fighting relatively low-level enemies you shouldn’t really need a character such as "Chopper" iconChopper in the mix as you can swap him out for one that can do far more damage, such as Zoro or even "Sanji" iconSanji.

Chopper does come in handy though when you have unlocked Bond moves as having him help others on the battlefield increases your "Zoro, Usopp, and Chopper's Bond Art" iconZoro, Usopp, and Chopper’s Bond Art, which you should always try and store up for the longer, more difficult Boss battles. As satisfying as it is defeating an enemy in one attack move, it is actually slower in the long run if you then end up with a 20 minute battle against a Banana Gator in a cave further down the line.

Attack Regularly - don’t just use skill moves

While Skill attacks are cool and often cause more damage they exhaust your supply of TP points. TP points can be replenished with food and "Excite Apple" iconExcite Apples or "Banana Gator Pie" iconBanana Gator Pie, but they are also boosted every time you pull off a successful regular attack. If you are fighting low grade bad guys, try and kill them off with attack moves where possible so your TP meter stays full for the bigger problems.

Save Points Restore Energy

Also, there is nothing worse than losing a battle. Make sure you head into it with your crew in tip-top shape. You may not have realized it, but every time you interact with a Save Point, your crew is restored to full health - not full TP, just health, but it can certainly help you out if you find yourself in an area with multiple potential fights, of which there are a lot.

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