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One Piece Odyssey

That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Story

Jarrod Garripoli

As with any JRPG, you are going to encounter quests away from the main story, and One Piece Odyssey is no exception. The Side Stories in this game are shown on the map with a blue marker, but once you start them, you will notice there is no tracking at all. This can make things pretty difficult with some Side Stories. This page will focus on the That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Story in Alabasta.

Where to Start That Tea Tastes Thorny in One Piece Odyssey

(1 of 2) The location of this side story on the map

The location of this side story on the map (left), Lief will stand out some because she’s crying (right)

You will have to wait until Chapter 3 to begin this side story, plus you need to have completed the Talented Doctor Side Story, too. Once you have completed that, fast travel to the entrance of Alubarna and go north a little bit to find a lady crying on the side of the road. Lief is a tea merchant and she dropped some jars of tea leaves while doing her errands. She dropped two jars in the area, so you decide to help her look for them. She suggests asking the Royal Army soldiers guarding the area, as they might know something.

Where to Find the First Jar of Tea Leaves in One Piece Odyssey

Thankfully, this side story is pretty simple, as you just need to speak to two guards in the town to get the jars of tea leaves for Lief. For the first time, head east down the alley right next to Lief and you’ll find one of the guards you need, with a blue marker above his head. Speak to him and at the end of the conversation, you will receive a Jar of Tea Leaves.

(1 of 3) Go down the alley next to Lief to find this guard

Where to Find the Second Jar of Tea Leaves in One Piece Odyssey

For the second jar, return to the main street and head north. Keep going north, until you see the general store on your right side. Just north of the general store will be the second guard you need. Speak to him and he mentions a group of suspicious people went into the nearby alley, while holding a jar. Head down the alley just east of the guard to find the people he talked about, so speak to the one to start a battle.

(1 of 3) Some tea thieves stole the jar and can be found in the alley by the second guard

You’re only up against two enemies here, one of which is a Technique-type and the other is a Speed-type. They really aren’t anything special, so just adjust your party to accomodate for their types to easily take them down. You’ll get the second Jar of Tea Leaves after the battle.

Once you have both jars, return to Lief to finish the side story.


Objective Rewards
Collect 2 jars of tea leaves 18,000, "Spiders Cafe Employee Card" iconSpiders Cafe Employee Card
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