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One Piece Odyssey

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All Dressrosa Cube Fragments for Luffy in One Piece Odyssey

Matt Chard

At the beginning of One Piece Odyssey, an incident occurs that will cause all of "Luffy" iconLuffy’s entourage to lose all of their powers. The only way to get back their powers is to go through their memories to get back a previously lost power. Thus starts the journey for Luffy and his crew. Upon reacquiring a lost power, you’ll need to increase their strength with Cube Fragments that are now scattered across the realm. This page will guide you through all seven Cube Fragments in Dressrosa, and the connecting areas to bring Luffy back to his full strength, and reward you with the Cube Collector: Luffy trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cube Collector: Luffy

Collected 50 of Luffy's cube fragments.

Trophy icon

Luffy only needs 50 Cube Fragments to unlock the trophy/achievement.

Where to Find All of Luffy’s Cube Fragments in Dressrosa

Dressrosa will be one of the last areas you visit in One Piece Odyssey. There are 14 Cube Fragments for Luffy here, although there are only seven cubes to find.

Dressrosa City Cube Fragments

As the name suggests, this is the main city in Dressrosa which you can access during Chapter 8. There are only two cube fragments for Luffy to find in this area, but they will contain four total fragments.

Luffy Cube Fragment 31-32

Location Map Marker
Dressrosa City - Dressrosa Map Pin

Make your way to the central area of the map, and you’ll be in the “Foot of New Royal Plateau” area. There are several large buildings here, and you want to find the large brown house that’s adjacent to the red house. Climb the stairs of the brown house, and you’ll find the cube on the other side of the stairs. This cube contains 2x "Luffy's Cube Fragment" iconLuffy’s Cube Fragment.

In the Foot of New Royal Plateau is a large brown house. Climb up the stairs and down the other side to find the cube.

Luffy Cube Fragment 33-34

Location Map Marker
Dressrosa City - Dressrosa Map Pin

Northeast of the previous fragment is a Yoisa Travel. From there, head straight west until you reach the chasm. Peer over the edge to find a cube sitting on the debris. Use Luffy’s elasticated arms to grab it. This cube will also yield 2x Luffy’s Cube Fragment.

On the debris in the chasm west of the Yoisa Travel.

New Royal Plateau: Bottom Cube Fragments

This area is a worn-torn plateau where you’ll spend most of your time during your stint in Dressrosa. There are five cubes to find here for Luffy with each containing multiple fragments.

Luffy Cube Fragment 35-36

Location Map Marker
New Royal Plateau: Bottom - Dressrosa Map Pin

Northwest of the Memory link near the center of the map is an area called “New Plateau - 1st Level - Great Fissure”. When you get to this area you’ll find a toppled-over yellow and white house. The cube fragment can be found by its front door, near the blue house. This fragment will contain 2x Luffy’s Cube Fragments as well as 2 for "Chopper" iconChopper.

In front of the yellow and white house in the Great Fissure area.

Luffy Cube Fragment 37-39

Location Map Marker
New Royal Plateau: Bottom - Dressrosa Map Pin

From the previous fragment, switch over to Chopper and head through the hole in the nearby blue house. Follow the path where you’ll find a bridge to go over. Head over the bridge and follow it to the end. Progress south and drop off the two ledges where you’ll find a dilapidated pink house. The cube will be just past the broken wall to your right. This fragment will contain three for Luffy and three for "Zoro" iconZoro.

Use Chopper to go through the hole in the blue house. Follow the path over the bridge and head south. Drop two ledges to reach the pink house where the cube can be found.

Luffy Cube Fragment 40-41

Location Map Marker
New Royal Plateau: Bottom - Dressrosa Map Pin

This is in the north part of the map, just south of the Yoisa Travel. The area is called “New Royal Plateau - 2nd Level - War Plateau”. From the Yoisa Travel head south where you’ll see a leaning green and white tower. The cube is opposite that amongst the rubble. This contains two fragments for Luffy and two for "Sanji" iconSanji.

South of the Yoisa Travel opposite the fallen green and white tower in the north part of the map.

Luffy Cube Fragment 42-43

Location Map Marker
New Royal Plateau: Bottom - Dressrosa Map Pin

This fragment is found in the center of the map or in the southern portion of the upper half of the map. Also in the “War Plateau”, there will be a dilapidated pink house reduced to rubble. The cube will be sitting comfortably on top of the rubble. This cube contains two for Luffy, and two for Zoro.

On top of the dilapidated pink house in War Plateau.

Luffy Cube Fragment 44-45

Location Map Marker
New Royal Plateau: Bottom - Dressrosa Map Pin

In the southeast of the map, northwest from the second Save Point in the “Destroyed Royal City” area. The cube fragment can be found behind a pile of smoldering planks opposite the blue house. The cube will contain two fragments for both Luffy and Sanji.

Behind the smoldering planks opposite the blue house in the Destroyed Royal City area.

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