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One Piece Odyssey

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One Piece Odyssey Divine Breath Boss Fight Tactics And Strategies

Paul McNally

The Divine Breath battle in One Piece Odyssey follows directly from the fight with "Adio" iconAdio, which, if you are not careful, is one that can trip you up enough ahead of this one if your preparation is not good enough from the off.

Once you beat Adio - and you can check our guide on getting past him as quickly as possible - the Divine Breath starts to wreak havoc on the land and is hell-bent on destroying the world.

Good job the Straw Hat "Pirate" iconPirates are at hand to put that massive mechanical fish monster to sleep once and for all.

(1 of 3) Brook can be used to buff the entire team's ATK for very little TP on his part

How To Beat The Divine Breath In One Piece Odyssey

The Divine Breath is what Adio has been after all along, and now you have taken care of him, the DB itself is your next trouble causer to square off against and it is a bit of a pain, although if you follow these tactics you should do it easily enough.

Warning, if you lose to the Divine Breath you will go back to your last save point which will pre-date the battle with Adio, so you will need to do that all over again which is a bit nasty and unnecessary.

With this in mind, it is important you are still well stocked up on meals and buffs that will help you get the better of this bad guy.

A healthy supply of "Super Burst Brew" iconSuper Burst Brew is handy as are meals that will help you revive a downed ally. Others such as "Bronze Bat Soup" iconBronze Bat Soup which will buff the entire team can also come in useful.

We are going to use the same tactic on the Divine Breath that we used on Adio, but this time there are a few other factors at play.

The Divine Breath can be downed and damaged only while on the ground

Snake Bite

So. Gum Gum King Cobra is our weapon of choice with "Luffy" iconLuffy and we want him to attack the Divine Breath.

Once again the rest of our crew will be distracted by Tornado enemies so we still want "Chopper" iconChopper to buff and the others to chip away at the Tornado. Killing a Tornado does open up the playing field for others to attack the boss, but within a turn there will be a replacement Tornado, so they actually aren’t worth worrying about.

They only cause minor damage although they can leave characters bleeding, so you need to watch out for that.

Once again we would start with Luffy, "Brook" iconBrook, Chopper, and any other really. Somebody like Robin, "Nami" iconNami, or "Franky" iconFranky who can damage multiple enemies is probably a solid choice for your fourth crew member.

Use Brook’s New World right at the start to buff everybody’s attack, but really it is Luffy you want to improve.

The Divine Breath has two modes. The first is when it is flying and it is protected by a wind shield which has a separate heal bar to it’s actual health. You need to remove this shield before you can hurt the Divine Breath itself.

(1 of 2) We are going to use Gum Gum King Cobra once again to finish this fight

We are going to use Gum Gum King Cobra once again to finish this fight (left), Huge damage of over 12.000 will down the Divine Breath in one shot (right)

With Luffy on Level 56 and well buffed we found (after a few attempts) that Gum Gum King Cobra could actually take the wind shield down in one - which is crazy really.

Once the shield is down the Divine Breath will crash to the floor where it will remain for two turns.

Here you can damage it freely and will also see that the health bar is much higher than that of the wind shield. If you fail to destroy it while it is on the ground the first time, and you will, it will rise into the sky complete with a new wind shield you will need to destroy to knock it down again so you can chip away further at its real health bar.

While the Tornados are not overtly dangerous the Divine Breath has a couple of devastating special attacks which it will occasionally pull out of the bag. It is important to keep the entire crew’s health up with Chopper’s Heal All and whatever meals you have handy in order to survive one of these should one occur.

It is basically rinse and repeat with Luffy’s King Cobra throughout the battle. Keep using Brook to buff the team and don’t be afraid to throw a Super "Burst Brew" iconBurst Brew in Luffy’s direction if his TP begins to wane.

We did it in five turns, so feel free to try and beat that for yourself.

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