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One Piece Odyssey

All Nami Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Nami" iconNami is the mage-type character in One Piece Odyssey, offering some incredibly strong AOE skills and supportive skills to match. If you want to get the most out of Nami, you will need to empower her combat skills with cube fragments, which you can use to level skills up. Most of Nami’s skills go to level 2, meaning you’ll need six cube fragments for each skill to get the most out of them. So, we’ve made this handy guide to finding all the Nami Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey.

List of Nami Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Note that this list will take you through every single area of the game. The list is also structured in order of the main story missions, and then some side exploration to round out the list. You will also need to complete a side quest in Dressrosa when you can return to the city using the Memoria. Doing so will allow you to max every skill out, and will give you the trophy by the time you are part way through Dressrosa.

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Cube Collector: Nami

Collected 30 of Nami's cube fragments.

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Waford Chapter 1 & 3

(1 of 4) Climb the pillar in the Lake Shore Cave.

Waford is a region you will return to many times during your save. Some areas become accessible throughout the game, so you can pick these up gradually.

  1. One is on top of a stone tower in the Lake Shore Cave lake area. You need "Luffy" iconLuffy’s grapple hook to climb up. It has a chest on top and a "Bronze Bat" iconBronze Bat guarding it. You can get this during the Lake Shore Cave quest in Chapter 1.
  2. The second Nami cube is on the island to the right of Waford South at the top of that section of the map. You will need to use Luffy’s Gum Gum grapple to cross over the island by jumping to the vines and stones. Then head to the top of the island by the tree, and the cube is by the grave.
  3. Inside a small hole that "Chopper" iconChopper can walk through in Waford South. Take the west road from Aido’s home, then enter the hole that leads north on the map. You should be able to access this in Chapter 3 after visiting the Sand Ruin.
  4. Head into the Dust Ruin puzzle, and flip the room upside down, then take the western door to head into this room. Once you do that, you head back down and find this cube along the stone pathway near the beetle.

Water Seven Chapter 4

(1 of 4) Dock One’s scaffolding by the boat.

Water Seven appears in Chapter 4. You can return to this zone and fast travel to most areas once the chapter is completed if you happen to miss anything.

  1. On the decking to the west side of the ship in the Dock One region.
  2. On the far right edge of the Water Seven City Area.
  3. Behind some rubble in the northwest corner of the Tower of Law 2BF.
  4. Tower of Law Underground Storeroom. Head through the vent gap with Chopper, and it is under a metal shelf.

Ice Block Ruins Chapter 5

(1 of 3) Head straight forward after entering the Ice Ruins.

In Chapter 5, you will head to the Ice Block ruins west of Adio’s house. You can return here anytime once the bridge is built to it and get these either as you go through the it for the main story, or later on.

  1. You can find two fragments directly in front of the entrance platform of the Ice Block Ruins.
  2. Inside the Ice Block Ruins first temperature control switch. Walk behind the switch to get two fragments.
  3. Two cubes can be collected from the Ice Block Ruins Second Control Room. It is on top of a Stone Pillar beside the control room switch.

Dressrosa Chapter 8

(1 of 8) Check the stone building near Coliseum Road and Dressrosa East.

Dressrosa is the final memoria chapter in the game. This is where the bulk of Nami’s cubes come from. Moreso, you will get multiple cubes per pickup in this area of the game.

  1. Follow the Dressrosa City East path, all the way to the stone bridge that merges this street with the road that leads to the Coliseum and the Blacksmith, filled with mercenary enemies. Look up towards the stone gateway, and you can see a cube floating in the air. You get three Chopper and two Nami fragments.
  2. Head over to Coliseum Path in Dressrosa City, and head to the fountain section of the street. Climb the stone pathway leading to the buildings, and atop some steps leading to a building is a cube. You will get three Nami fragments for this, and two Zoro fragments too.
  3. Follow the Coliseum Path to the southwest part of the city, and enter the building on the bend in the road. You can get two Nami fragments and three Sanji fragments.
  4. After constructing the first bridge in the New Royal Plateau, you can then grapple to some vines dangling off a ledge. Go over to it, then look towards the blown up stone bridge to your east. Below is an underpass with a Cube to grab. You will get three Nami fragments and two Zoro fragments.
  5. When you start making your way over the Great Fissure of New Royal Plateau - 1st Level, there is a section on the west side you can grapple to. Go to the larger mound of dirt with the rubble on it, stand on top of the mount, overlooking the edge with the black brick building, and you’ll see a cube floating next to it towards the ground below it. You will get two Nami and two Franky fragments from this.
  6. Enter the New Royal Plateau Sewers via the 2F Plateau Chopper entrance in the north and navigate the sewers. One pathway will lead you to a cube containing two Nami and Chopper fragments.
  7. Head into the New Royal Plateau - 3rd Level, and walk through the Foot of Flower Hill path. You will come across a stone brick pathway which breaks, with penguins and wind-up soldiers in the ground below. Before dropping down, there is a cube at the edge of the broken stone pathway. You will get two Nami and Usopp fragments.
  8. Climb up the cliff using Luffy in the New Royal Plateau - 3rd Level Flower hill section. Part way up you will come across a lamppost sticking out of the cliff with a cube on it. This contains two fragments for Usopp and Nami.

Nami can get three additional fragments from the Dressrosa quest, Taken by Tontattas. You will need to return here at some point using the Lin’s memoria travel to return, as the side quest only opens up after the main story ends in Dressrosa. Our list leave three cubes from maxing out Nami’s fragments, so you will need to complete this quest to max all skills out.

Waford Central Chapter 9

The only Nami cube available in Waford central is here.

Make your way through the Skytower in Waford Central. The garden is filled with cubes, which offer multiple fragments per pickup. You should be able to complete all of Nami’s skills at this point, which is handy for the upcoming bosses to complete the game.

  • In the Sky Tower garden area, you will reach the northern section called the Forest of Cleansing. You will come across three Nami fragments on a cube overlooking a ledge at the southeast corner.
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