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One Piece Odyssey

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Challenge Cube 1 Boss - Smoker

Paul McNally

Once you have completed the main story quest of One Piece Odyssey Red-Eyed Lim will try to tease you into playing the optional side content of the Challenge Cubes. You can read about them fully on this page but once you are ready to start battling the game’s bosses in their even tougher forms then we can head into the desert for starters.

Where Is Challenge Cube 1?

The first Challenge Cube lies just at the northward turn to the city, in the middle of the desert.

The first yellow Challenge Cube can be found in the Desert Near Alubarna. It is right out in the open in the middle of the Desert so is easy to spot from a distance. Move through the desert past the army camp and you should start to see plenty of Scorpions and an "Oisa" iconOisa patrolling the zone. You can also track down the Challenge Cube’s location if you locate the Rebel Camp and exit it and head east. Take the turning to the North which ultimately leads to the city and the Challenge Cube should be right in front of you in plain site.

How To Beat Smoker In One Piece Odyssey

Of course this is not the first time you will have squared off against the mysterious Smoking man - he who cannot get enough of cigars and needs two at a time.

(1 of 4) Having discovered the Challenge Cube, all you need to do is interact with it

You will have already beaten him on a few occasions to have got this far in One Piece Odyssey so there shouldn’t be too much to be afraid of this time around. However, having said that, Challenge Cube Smoker is tougher than he has been before, but then again, so are the Straw Hat "Pirate" iconPirates.

The biggest issue you will have here is that Smoker deals dangerous attacks on each turn. Not only for the heavy amount of damage he will inflict with his blows, but also when he hits he will render his target paralyzed or unconscious. What you need to manage is that it might generally be "Luffy" iconLuffy taking this damage as he should be in yhour first attacking position as your major assault weapon.

(1 of 2) Smoker's blows cause decent damage but also render the target paralyzed or unconcious

Smoker's blows cause decent damage but also render the target paralyzed or unconcious (left), You might find you need to buff Luffy as he could well keep getting knocked unconscious (right)

However, he can’t hurt Smoker if he is out of action so keep him buffed and either wake him up with "Remedy Brew" iconRemedy Brew or "Chopper" iconChopper’s Care skill.

With the power of the pirates you should have by now Smoker can be overcome without too much trauma, but if you lose your concentration and allow him to start knocking out your main fighters, the battle will become tougher than it needs to be.

There is a decent rewared for completing the Cube so they are tasks well worth undertaking.

After you have defeated Smoke you will get your reward.

  • 240,000 "Berries" iconBerries
  • Challenge HP+1000 Crown
  • Lots of experience depending on your level

The Challenge Cube will not vanish after you have beaten it and you can come back and fight Smoker again any time you like, but each time he will be tougher than the last.

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