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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Water Colossus Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

Sometimes, you will run into a challenging boss fight that gives you trouble during the course of One Piece Odyssey. The Water Colossus is a boss fight you encounter at the end of the Ice Block Ruins, and can be a decent step up in terms of difficulty, as it hits your character quite hard.

You will face the Water Colossus at the end of the Ice Block Ruins

How to Beat the Water Colossus in One Piece Odyssey

The Water Colossus behaves similarly to the other ones, with it having three different named attacks. One attack will hit a single character, another hits an entire group, and the third attack will hit all characters on the field. The biggest problem with the Water Colossus is that its attacks have a chance to inflict Frozen, which will take away that character’s turn and do a little bit of damage, each time their turn comes around. Combined with the damage output of the boss, this can spell trouble, which is why you need to be a little smart with your positioning.

Water Colossus’ Attacks in One Piece Odyssey

The following is a list of all attacks you will see from the Water Colossus boss fight in One Piece Odyssey.

Freezing Truth

This is the single target attack for the Water Colossus, with it dealing a good amount of damage, to even Speed-types. For example, "Zoro" iconZoro took around 1,200 damage, so you will definitely want to stay on your toes with healing. As with all of the Colossus’ attacks, it has a chance to freeze your characters.

Frost Ice Spear

The Water Colossus will fire a laser, that causes a bunch of ice to form on the ground, damaging all of the characters in an area. As with the other attacks, this one also has a chance to inflict Freeze, so adjust your support accordingly. It will probably deal a good 900+ damage to Speed-types, meaning that those of the other two types will take even more damage. It is possible that a weaker character, like "Chopper" iconChopper

Armed Frost King

The attack that hits everyone on the battlefield seems to be a bit on the rarer side, as it isn’t really used all too often. This will do some mega damage to your characters, with some of them getting hit for around 1400+, depending on their resistances. You will definitely want to heal after getting hit with this move, though, with one of the food items listed below, as they are perfect for this situation.

The Water Colossus is a Technique-type enemy, meaning you probably don’t want to be using Power-type characters in the battle. Despite that, though, it is weak to fire attacks, which means that "Sanji" iconSanji might be able to deal some more damage than normal, although it’s still best to leave him out of the fight. You don’t want him taking a hit and getting KO’ed, since he’s going to receive a lot more damage than usual, thanks to being weak to Technique attacks. However, on the opposite end, you have "Franky" iconFranky that is a Speed-type, who will be dealing a lot more damage.

Franky also has his Franky Fire Ball attack, so that makes things even better. "Usopp" iconUsopp is another great character to use, since he can attack from a distance, plus his better moves also have fire attached as an element. This will basically make him a staple for attacking, since you can leave him in another area, away from the frontline attacks. You also have Trick Balls and Food at your disposal, to help with healing and debuffing the Water Colossus. If you feel like you’re taking too much damage, then you pop a Trick Ball that reduces the boss’ attack.

(1 of 5) Sanji’s fire attacks can be useful in this battle

By this point in the game, you should have more than enough items from picking up Shiny Spots, that you can make a bunch of Food and Trick Balls. This allows you to stock on some food, like "Bronze Bat Soup" iconBronze Bat Soup and "Durian Gator Salad" iconDurian Gator Salad (for healing HP), and "Sazae Kancho Pescatore" iconSazae Kancho Pescatore and "Aqua Cabbage Roll" iconAqua Cabbage Roll (for restoring TP). The "Elephant Tuna Saute" iconElephant Tuna Saute is also great as a general buff, since it increases ATK, DEF and GUTS (doesn’t heal/restore anything).

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