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One Piece Odyssey

How to Cross the Ravine of No Return in One Piece Odyssey

Jarrod Garripoli

The second chapter of One Piece Odyssey will require you to cross the desert in order to reach the town of Rainbase. In order to get there, you will have to venture through the Ravine of No Return, which is a bit of a puzzle. This page will detail how to get through the Ravine of No Return without any troubles.

Ravine of No Return Puzzle

The Ravine of No Return is similar to an infamous location in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Lost Woods. The Ravine is a maze of sorts and if you go down the wrong path, then you will be sent back to the entrance. Because of this, it is possible to solve this little puzzle via process of elimination, but there are multiple rooms and it might take a while doing it like this. However, there is an easier way on getting through the Ravine, and all it involves is a little detour.

(1 of 2) Getting a Navi Bird will help you get through the Ravine more easily

Getting a Navi Bird will help you get through the Ravine more easily (left), It’s because of the spores of the Mezcal Cactus that you go back to the beginning if you choose wrong (right)

When you first get to the entrance of the Ravine of No Return, you’re told about the Navi Bird and you have the option to go back to Nanohana to get one. This is a short sidequest that isn’t really difficult, although it’s not really needed to get through the Ravine.

Hungry Navi Bird Side Story in One Piece Odyssey

Retrace your steps to the western side of Nanohana, where you should see a bird perched. It will have a blue marker above it, indicating that you can speak to it to start a Side Story. The bird will agree to help you, but you need to get it some food first, specifically "Desert Nuts" iconDesert Nuts. Thankfully, you don’t need to go on some long quest to find these, as you will be able to get them in Nanohana. While the General Store has them for sale, you can obtain plenty of Desert Nuts if you wish to save your money.

(1 of 3) This bird will give you a sidequest when you go back to Nanohana

There are bird nests you’ve likely seen while exploring Nanohana, on the sides of buildings. Switch to "Usopp" iconUsopp and use his Shoot field skill to shoot the nests, which will drop the item inside down to the ground. All of the items from the nests in Nanohana seem to be Desert Nuts, so there’s plenty of them to be found. You will need a total of 10 Desert Nuts before you fulfill the request of the Navi Bird, so keep going until you have enough. Return to the Navi Bird once you have enough to finish that Side Story and have him help you go through the Ravine.

How to Pass Through the Ravine of No Return

Report back to the Ravine and begin going through it. In the very first room, you will see the Navi Bird (provided you did that short little sidequest) on the statue. Upon entering the room, the bird will fly around and choose the correct path, so all you have to do is follow the bird. If you go down any other tunnel, then you will become lost and return to the entrance.

To make a long bit a little shorter, the following is the correct path to traverse the Ravine of No Return:

  • Right twice (second room only has one exit)
  • Left
  • Center
  • Left (if you go right, you will encounter pirates and find an area with the Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty)
  • Right (you can find Collapsed Joe here, whom you can give "Energy Apple" iconEnergy Apples to)

(1 of 4) Look for the exit that the bird flies to as the paths to take

There’s nothing really inside the Ravine itself, other than a few Shiny Spots and the Bounty mentioned above. There will be a single chest by the cliffside when you get outside ("Bronze Bat Soup" iconBronze Bat Soup), then you will pass through one final room (go right here) with a save point. The metal gate here requires "Zoro" iconZoro’s skill to be at level 2, which isn’t possible on the first pass through the area. When you reach the large, open area, you will be pitted against two "Sandora Dragon" iconSandora Dragons as a boss fight, then you will be able to reach the Great Sandy Desert.

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