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One Piece Odyssey

When can you recruit Brook in One Piece Odyssey

Matt Chard

You will have access to most playable characters from the start of One Piece Odyssey, but two of them will not be available to you until later in the game, those being "Franky" iconFranky and "Brook" iconBrook. Unfortunately, you’ll have to progress quite a bit through the game before you can witness Brook’s flashy skills.

Brook is a skeleton who has access to ice-based skills.

How to Recruit Brook

Brook will be the last character to join your party, and that won’t be until chapter 7. As you progress through the chapter, you’ll gain access to the quest ‘Get Brook’s Body Back’ which will lead you to Lake Shore Cave. Eventually, you’ll need to head to the beach and approach the ship which will lead to a battle. At first, you’ll fight a Walrus with an ice cream on its head, and once that’s defeated a "Fire Colossus" iconFire Colossus will appear. You’ll notice that you won’t deal any damage to it at first until Brook shows up, and because he has a plethora of ice-based skills, you’ll make short work of it. After that, Brook will join the entourage.

Does Brook have a Field Skill?

Unfortunately, Brook doesn’t have a field skill which makes sense as you get him pretty late on, but he does make up for it with the skills he brings to the party.

(1 of 2) Brook’s New World skill is a party-wide buff.

Brook’s New World skill is a party-wide buff. (left), This skill will increase the entire group’s ATK for five turns. (right)

What Attacks does Brook Have

The first thing you’ll notice about Brook is that he is a Technique user who has access to ice-based skills. This is especially useful for any enemy that happens to be weak in that particular element. The best thing about him is his party-wide support skill called New World which boosts the group’s ATK for five turns. Most of the time you will sub him in, cast New World, then sub him back out unless you’re fighting enemies who have an ice weakness.

Brook is predominantly a supporting character who can buff his group and debuff enemies. Aside from his support skills, he has a few skills that have the ice element. As the only ice-based character in the game, he can be invaluable to the group.

(1 of 2) Brook’s Soul Solid skill will unsheathe his sword.

Brook’s Soul Solid skill will unsheathe his sword. (left), Before he unleashes an ice-based attack. (right)

Why is Brook a Skeleton?

In the One Piece lore, he ate the paramecia-type Revive-Revive fruit which allows him to have a second chance at life among several types of soul abilities. Although it gives you a second chance at life, the soul must make its way back to the body before it decomposes. Unfortunately for him, when he died on the Florian Triangle (which is an eerie island much like our Bermuda Triangle) he had trouble making it back to his body in time due to the fog on the Florian Triangle. This led to his body decomposing into bones before he could find it which left him as the form he appears to you now, a skeleton.

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