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One Piece Odyssey

Luffy's Gum Gum Devil Fruit

Jarrod Garripoli

Devil Fruits are special items in the world of One Piece, granting special abilities to the user who consumes it. However, doing so comes at the cost of being unable to swim, or being submerged in anything less than very shallow waters. This page will give a quick overview of Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the Gum Gum Fruit.

Origins of Luffy’s Devil Fruit Power

The Red-Haired Pirates were in possession of the Gum Gum Fruit, who were a group of pirates that Luffy looked up to in his younger days. While hanging out with that pirate crew, a gang came in to start some trouble with Shanks. He didn’t pay them any attention, which angered Luffy due to the disrespect, which eventually caused him to eat the fruit. Since then, he had become a “rubber man.”

(1 of 2) Luffy’s stretching capabilities give him many combat options

Luffy’s stretching capabilities give him many combat options (left), He is also able to use it outside of combat (right)

Gum Gum Fruit’s Powers

As the name kind of suggests, the Gum Gum Fruit gives Luffy’s body the properties of rubber. This allows him to stretch any part of his body, which he uses for both offensive and defensive capabilities in battle. He also uses this ability to stretch his body outside of battle, as he can climb a building by stretching his arm to the top and pulling himself up to the roof. It should be noted that Luffy cannot stretch infinitely, as there is a limit and presents a risk of bleeding or tearing, if stretched too much. Luffy is also quite weak to cutting attacks, such as from swords or other bladed weapons. However, while he is weak to bladed attacks, he is very strong against blunt attacks. He has been shown to take multiple normal attacks, such as a mace to the head, with nary a scratch.

Gum Gum Fruit’s Transformations

Luffy’s transformation give him enhanced abilities

  • Gear Second: The first transformation seen in the series. Luffy pumps blood into other parts of his body, increasing the blood flow, which causes him to be faster and stronger than normal. The steam coming off his body is caused by the sweat from this process.
  • Gear Third: Luffy bites his thumb and blows air into his body, which he can direct to any of his body parts. Despite seemingly only making the part bigger, this causes it to be quite strong, making his attacks deal a lot of damage. Of course, using this ability causes his body to shrink after using it, although this adverse effect is lessened as Luffy trains.
  • Gear Fourth: Sort of a combination of the other two, with Luffy inflating his upper body, but he hardens it with Haki. Unlike other forms and his normal attacks using stretching, Gear Fourth seems to focus more on compression.
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One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that has the crew exploring the mysterious island of Waford. There, they meet a girl that strips away their powers, and have to go through memories from their various adventures to get them back, while also trying to unravel the mystery of Waford.

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