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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Best Spore Warden and Graveborn Companions Build

Jarrod Garripoli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Morticulturalist, with a focus on making your companions deal as much damage as possible.

Skill Tree - Spore Warden

Since this is supposed to be a companion build, start off with maxing out Kindred Heart to increase the companion damage and health. It is very important to know what type of companions you will be getting from your guns here, as that determines the skills to get. For example, companions that do gun damage will get bonuses from skills that grant gun damage, while spell damage companions will benefit from spell damage skills. Once you determine that, you can build around it. For the second tier in the Spore Warden tree, go with Affinity for more ability damage, then four points into Bullseye.

The skill trees for this build

The next skill you get is dependent on whether you play solo or not. If you do, then grabbing Medicinal Mushroom will allow your mushroom pet to revive you, which helps a lot. If you are always playing with a group, this might not be that important and can be tossed into either Bullseye or Windrunner. The last skill you will be getting is Thrill of the Hunt. Since companion damage is not dependent on the magazine capacity when you throw it, you might as well try to get some critical hits in, which will boost your companion damage.

Skill Tree - Graveborn

This is where the bulk of your buffs will come into play, with some changes depending on the weapons used. For starters, max out Faithful Thralls, then put two points into Essence Drain. The second tier will have you getting both Sanguine Sacrament (for survivability) and Harvest. You can now get Dark Hydra, but you need to be careful depending on your Armor. If you have the one that gives points into this, then may need to scale back on skill points for the skill itself (place it into Essence Drain instead).

Once you make it to the next tier, put points into Ascension, as well as the single point into Punishment; the latter gives your Demi-Lich a small chance to shoot another Hellish Blast. Lord of Edges will be next, which makes it so your damage will increase if you’re at a lower health (and your companions, too). Of course, being at a low health is detrimental and you likely won’t be staying at that because of Sanguine Sacrament. Blast Gasp is the next skill to go after, but this is a bit of a choice, since it depends on your build. If you’re using the spell-damaging weapon companions, then definitely put points into Blast Gasp. If not, then it’s not really needed too much and you can use those on something else like Mortal Vessel or Dark Pact.

And the final piece for this build is Morhaim’s Blessing, the capstone for the Graveborn. This makes it so whenever you cast a spell, all of your Kill Skills will be activated. The capstone is definitely one of the better skills in the game.

Hero Stats and Backstory

Stats for this build don’t really seem to need to focus too much on anything. It’s unclear if Strength will help with the crit damage from your companions, but if it does, then you definitely want to put points into this. If you want a low cooldown for your spell, then you want to invest in Intelligence; likewise with Action Skill Cooldown and Attunement.


There is no set spell to use with this build, so you are pretty much free to choose whatever you want. However, if you want to increase the survivability of your build, then something like the Arcane Bolt would be a great choice, because of the low cooldown of the spell. This will allow you to regenerate health much more quickly, thanks to Sanguine Sacrament. Also, due to the capstone in the Graveborn tree, every time you cast a spell, you will proc all of the Kill Skills. Additionally, you may also use a spell that spawns Hydra companions, as that nets you more pets and thus, because of Faithful Thralls, more damage for you and your companions.

(1 of 2) The Feriore guns are pretty much going to be required for this build

The Feriore guns are pretty much going to be required for this build (left), The Snake Stick will spawn Hydras whenever you melee enemies (right)


So, the Feriore set of weapons that spawn companions is what you’re going to use here. The ones that spawn Pixies are good, but they do not trigger the Faithful Thralls skill, while the Hydra/Flying companions weapons will trigger it. You have three different types of weapons that can be used here (pistols, SMGs, and shotguns), as well as two different subtypes with the pistols and shotguns. Those two different subtypes will depend on if you want your companions to deal gun damage or spell damage. Note that pistols tend to have the lowest reload times, so those are typically the go-to weapon here.

Fearnot pistols deal spell damage (only Pixies and Hydras; Flying ones do not), while Whatnot pistols do gun damage. For shotguns, it depends on whether they shoot magical energy or regular bullets. Companions coming from the magical energy ones count as gun damage, while those from the regular bullets count as spell damage. It doesn’t seem like there’s any different types for SMGs, and they all do gun damage. Ideally, you should have one of every weapon type, just because these Feriore weapons eat through ammo pretty quickly. The subtype you use will depend entirely on what type of damage you need. Note that you will probably want to try and focus on a single element here, since that allows you to utilize an enchantment that boosts that damage (unless you get a Claw legendary armor, then it doesn’t matter).

For the Melee Weapon, the Snake Stick seems like the obvious choice, as hitting enemies with it will spawn more Hydras, but it’s important to note that these ones deal melee damage. Another possibility is the Peg Leg, which will increase your reload speed, meaning you can get out more companions with your Feriore weapons.


The Ward you should be using is the Master Rune, since it increases your companion damage. The rings should have Companion Damage as its main stat, then stats that reflect companion damage and maybe all damage. As for the actual legendary ring you want, either the Championship Ring or any other you think seems best for your build, as there isn’t a specific one to use (Mood Rings are always good). The best Amulet for this build is definitely the Frenzied Wrath, as kills will increase your companion damage, and it stacks up to five times.

That brings up the Armor, and there’s a few choices to go here. The actual best legendary armor to use is probably the Claw, as that converts your companion damage to a specific element and whenever your companions hit an enemy, they will take increased damage from it for a short duration. The prefix is where you have two choices, since it depends entirely on your build. The Ghostlight’s prefix (Graveborn main/Spore secondary) will give you Faithful Thralls, Dark Hydra, and Thrill of the Hunt, all very good skills for this build.

The Frenzied Wrath amulet will help increase the damage of your companions

The other potential prefix is Hunter’s (Spore main/Brr-Zerker secondary), as it allows you to get Wrath of Nature. Basically, enemies hit with your action skill (at least the Spore Warden ones) will take ability damage and thus, take more damage overall. That’s about all this brings to the table, since you aren’t gaining any benefits from the Brr-Zerker portion, and while Bounty of the Hunt might be nice, it’s not really a game changer for this build.


There are two different Enchantments you can put on your Ward, both of which are class specific. For Graveborn, there is one that increases Companion Damage whenever the Demi-Lich uses Hellish Blast. For the Spore Warden, there is one that gives you a charge of Barrage whenever you reload. Note that with the Action Skill Active enchant, you will probably want to go with the former, since you can switch over to the Blizzard action skill for the previously mentioned enchant. Of course, anything that increases your companion damage should be used here, as well as an enchant that focuses on a single element.

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