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What are Enchantments and How They Work

Jarrod Garripoli

A player can get a lot of power from various sources in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, including the weapons themselves, as well as the other equipment they wear. Some of the gear you can use can have Enchantments placed on them, further adding to the player’s power. This page will give details on what Enchantments are and how they work.

What are Enchantments and How Do They Work

Enchantments are basically buffs that will start appearing in pieces of gear from level 15 onward. You will know a piece of gear has an enchantment on it due to the orange writing in the middle of the item card. Also, whenever an item drops that has an Enchantment, the beam will be slightly wider than usual. Each Enchantment in the game will have two parts to it, the way it is activated, and the buff it provides. It’s important to note that if you have the same activation method and the same buff, then those won’t stack (this includes two different values of the same buff, too). However, if you have two different activation methods and the same type of buff, then those will stack.

(1 of 2) Items that are Enchanted have a bigger glow with their beam

Items that are Enchanted have a bigger glow with their beam (left), You will also see the Enchantment right on the item card (right)

Of course, Enchantments cannot appear on every single piece of gear in the game, as some just won’t accept them. This includes Rings, Amulets, and Armor, meaning all other items will be able to get Enchantments. They will always be active on Spells, Melee Weapons and the Ward, but as for the guns, then the Enchantment of the gun you’re currently holding is the only one that will be active. Using that knowledge, the majority of classes will only have four Enchantments active at any time; the only characters who will have five active are those Spellshots using Ambi-Hextrous.

How Do You Change Enchantments

For the majority of the main story, you will just have to make do with whatever Enchantments you find on your gear. Once you beat the main story, though, you will unlock a service at the blacksmith in Brighthoof that allows you to change your Enchantments. This table is located next to the hammers at the blacksmith and uses the Moon Orbs as the currency in order to change the Enchantments. You will get these as drops from enemies/bosses and throughout the Chaos Chamber. Note that you will also find a Enchanter Re-rolling machine in the Chaos Chamber, as well as in Dreamveil Overlook.

(1 of 2) This table will allow you to add/change Enchantments on items

This table will allow you to add/change Enchantments on items (left), Rerolling will cap out at 4,000 Moon Orbs once you do enough of them (right)

Initially, all rerolling for Enchantments started at a cos of 2 Moon Orbs, then increased until you reached a maximum of just exceeding 4,000 Moon Orbs (when the maximum amount holdable was 4,000). An update changed the way that re-rolling works, with the rarity affecting the price in Moon Orbs (i.e. Legendary items start with a cost of 9 Moon Orbs). As before, the price will increase for each time you re-roll the same item, except it will cap out at 4,000 Moon Orbs (with your capacity being at 16,000 now). Whenever you roll a new Enchantment, you have the option to keep it (it will be on the left), or discard it and keep the one you currently have.


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