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Blank Slate (Legendary)

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the best things about Borderlands games, as well as the spin-off, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, is the Legendary items you can find. These items are gold in color and tend to have unique effects that are exclusive to that particular one. This page will concentrate on the Legendary Armor, the Blank Slate.

The Blank Slate legendary armor

Where to Find the Blank Slate

In Borderlands games, which includes Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there are some pieces of gear that don’t appear to have a dedicated enemy to farm. These are collectively known as World Drops, meaning they have a chance to drop from any enemy/boss in the game. That means you might get lucky and obtain it within the first half hour of farming, or it might take you a week in order to secure one. There are plenty of ways to increase your Loot Luck to try and get better chances of legendaries dropping, such as finding Lucky Dice, raising your Chaos Levels, and even unlocking Myth Rank.

One of the best options for farming Legendaries is to farm bosses. You can easily quit your game and reload to get a boss back after killing them, so pick a boss you can easily kill without much trouble to try for Legendaries. You could also potentially run through Chaos Chamber, too, since there are multiple bosses in the runs there, as well as the chest/rabbits at the end.

Blank Slate’s Stats and Effects

The only guarantee, from the looks of it, that you’ll get with the Blank Slate is the experience boost. Any other modifiers on the armor are completely random and considering it’s a world drop, that means farming this item can be very tedious. Despite that being the case, it is possible to get some decent/good modifiers on it, as seen below. Since you’re only guaranteed the experience gain buff, it can be a good thing to use while leveling up, especially if you get lucky and find one early on in your adventures. The only problem with using this to level up Myth Rank is that there tend to be better Armors that get your faster killing, so experience will probably be faster with those.

As for the red text, there is nothing really special about this armor/class mod, in terms of hidden abilities. The name and red text are references to a Path of Exile item, called the Tabula Rasa, which roughly means “blank slate,” hence the name of the item. The Tabula Rasa is a good item in Path of Exile, due to it having the option to become powerful with modifying it. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there’s nothing you can do to make it powerful, as armor is the one piece of gear you cannot do Enchantments on, at the blacksmith.

Note that some possible modifiers you can get on this item include the following, although they are not guaranteed:

  • +40% to all damage
  • +15% to all resistances
  • +10% to max health
  • +2 Ability Damage (pertains to Action Skills)


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