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Liquid Cooling (Legendary)

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the best things about Borderlands games, as well as the spin-off, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, is the Legendary items you can find. These items are gold in color and tend to have unique effects that are exclusive to that particular one. This page will concentrate on the Legendary Pistol, the Liquid Cooling.

The Liquid Cooling legendary pistol

Where to Find the Liquid Cooling

The Cursed Wit can be found as a world drop, meaning it’s possible to get it from any loot source. However, it does have a dedicated loot source, in one of the Ancient Obelisk minibosses. The particular miniboss it can drop from is Lissia, a Coiled enemy that spawns from the Ancient Obelisk in Crackmast Cove. From the initial entry point, follow the only path until you reach the open area on your map, then follow the northern edge here to the west until you reach the checkpoint. Just a little west of there, you can pass through a waterfall, into the area with the obelisk.

Liquid Cooling’s Stats and Effects

As the name suggests, the Liquid Cooling will only come in a Frost variant, so you’re not going to be seeing any other element. It can come in either a single round per shot model, or a x2 variant, meaning each shot uses two bullets per shot. The Liquid Cooling is also a Skuldugger, so you won’t have a traditional clip. Instead, you will have an overheat meter that will slowly fill up as you fire the weapon, and that is where the special effect comes into play. As you do critical hits with the Liquid Cooling, you will actually cool the weapon instead of it heating up.

How to Use the Liquid Cooling

The Liquid Cooling can be one of the better guns in the game, especially if you can manage to find a x2 variant. It can go with just about any build, but those built around enhancing Frost Damage will see the damage go through the roof with it. Note that the x2 variant can eat through your pistol ammo reserves fairly quickly, especially if you are constantly hitting the critical hit spots and keeping the heat gauge down. If you are running a Stabbomancer, their From the Shadows Action Skill makes this weapon a blast, since you will be guaranteed critical hits while invisible.

One possible set up with this gun is to Enchant it with either Spell Cast/Ability Start/During + Frost Damage increase, since you will always have a Frost version.


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