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Best Starting Class

Jarrod Garripoli

As with all of the other Borderlands games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers you a variety of classes to choose from upon starting a new game. Of course, all classes are viable in beating the main story, but not all classes are created equal. This page will take a look at the pros and cons of each class, and which ones are the better ones to choose at the beginning of the game.

Spellshot Class

The Spellshot class

The Spellshot class is a very powerful one on its own, as it is the only one in the game that has the ability to dual-wield spells. Polymorph is the one Action Skill, where you turn an enemy into a harmless Skeep for a short period. If you cannot turn an enemy into a Skeep, then you will get a free spell cast on that enemy. Overall, the Polymorph Action Skill is kind of a mixed bag. While it’s helpful in controlling the battlefield some, you can only transform a single enemy at a time, then have to wait until the skill can be used again. It is kind of similar to the Phaselock skill in previous games, except the enemy isn’t stuck in one place and there’s not too much synergy with your skill tree.

The bigger draw of the Spellshot is the other Action Skill, Ambi-Hextrous, which allows you to equip two different spells to your bumper buttons. They have a lot of synergies with the various other classes in the game, whenever you unlock Multiclassing. The Spellshot’s class feat is called Spellweaving, allowing them to gain a stack of it whenever they cast a spell or reload a weapon. For each stack of Spellweaving, their spells will gain increased damage, making it one of the better feats in the game.

Spore Warden Class

The Spore Warden class

The Spore Warden is a ranged class, with a Mushroom Companion as its class feat. This creature will target nearby enemies and deal Poison damage to them, plus you can send it after enemies by pinging them, causing it to do a lunge attack. Barrage is one of the Action Skills, where the Spore Warden will fire a blast of arrows at the enemy. You get three charges of this and it becomes one of the better Action Skills in the game, due to all of the synergies that eventually unlock for it. Each arrow can ricochet twice, and any increases to gun damage will also apply to the Action Skill.

The second Action Skill is called Blizzard, which allows the Spore Warden to launch three frost cyclones that will seek out enemies. Cryo damage is one of the better elements in the game, provided enemies aren’t resistant/immune to it, as it can slow down enemy movements and even freeze them. Unfortunately, due to all of the synergies between Barrage and skills/equipment, Blizzard tends to not do too well, especially since the former has a lower cooldown and three charges.

Stabbomancer Class

The Stabbomancer class

The Stabbomancer is a class that focuses on dealing critical hits, with its class feat just increasing the critical hit chance and nothing more. The first Action Skill is called Ghost Blade, where the Stabbomancer throws up spinning blade that stays in place and deals melee damage. This can be great for bosses, if you can keep them in a specific position, or lure enemies into that position. Additionally, if you press the Action Skill button again, then you can move the Ghost Blade to a new position at the cost of reducing your remaining duration.

The other Action Skill, From the Shadows, will render the Stabbomancer invisible for eight seconds. While invisible, enemies will ignore you and you are guaranteed to critically hit with all of your attacks. However, your critical hits will deal 25% less damage than normal. Despite that little caveat, From the Shadows can be quite powerful, especially with some amazing synergies later on in the game, as well as a few weapons. It can also be used as a “oh no!” button to get away from a dangerous situation.

Brr-Zerker Class

The Brr-Zerker class

The Brr-Zerker is a class that is all about causing Frost damage and smacking enemies up close and personal. Their class feat, Rage of the Ancients, causes them to go into an Enrage stat whenever using an Action Skill, making them deal more Frost damage. Their first Action Skill, Dreadwind, will cause them to spin around and deal melee damage to anyone in their way. While this is active, they gain increased movement speed and immunity to slow. Note that they can still be damaged during this Action Skill, so you will need to be careful with certain enemies.

The other Action Skill, Feral Surge, causes the Brr-Zerker to leap forward, to the target of their choosing, dealing Frost damage to all nearby enemies. For regular enemies that are below a certain threshold of health, this attack will instantly kill them, causing the Action Skill to reset. That means if you plan carefully, you can have this skill up quite often and be able to use it consecutively. Either Action Skill for the Brr-Zerker has its uses, although once you unlock a secondary class, they tend to have better ones to use.

Graveborn Class

The Graveborn class

The Graveborn is the master of dark magic, allowing them to become almost invincible, due to their health recovery options. Their class feat is called Demi-Lich Companion, a floating familiar that will strike enemies at range with dark magic damage. In addition to this, whenever the player uses a spell, the Demi-Lich will use Hellish Blast, a homing projectile that will be of the same element as the spell used. The Graveborn’s first Action Skill is Dire Sacrifice, where they sacrifice their own health to unleash an explosion of dark magic. While it takes a decent chunk of health away, you can easily get this back if you hit enough enemies with it.

The Graveborn’s second Action Skill is Reaper of Bones, which is a buff. They will gain more leech efficiency in their attacks, while also dealing bonus dark magic damage for the duration. Note that while this buff is active, though, the Graveborn will lose health. However, if they die while Reaper of Bones is ongoing, they get some of their health back, become invulnerable for a short period, and Reaper of Bones will end. One of the bigger boons to the Graveborn class is the pet buffs in their skill tree, making them great if you want to pair them up with someone like the Spore Warden.

Clawbringer Class

The Clawbringer class

The Clawbringer is a class that likes to be right there in the thick of things, and is a master of both fire and lightning. Their class feat, Wyvern Companion, grants them a pet that flies through the area and attacks enemies with both its claws and a fire breath. The Clawbringer’s first Action Skill is Cleansing Flames, where they will summon their hammer and slam it into the ground. This will create a fire nova that deals damage to all enemies in the area of the nova. Cleansing Flames can be a nice attack to get you out of a dangerous situation, if needed, besides its typical use.

The second Action Skill is called Storm Dragon’s Judgment, which makes the player hurl their hammer, imbued with lightning. Anything it touches along the way will take lightning ability damage, until it lands, where it will then deal lightning melee damage to all nearby enemies. You can recall the hammer at any time, before the duration has expired, with it dealing damage to anything it hits on the way back and will refund a portion of the cooldown. Given this is a ranged option, it’s likely going to fare better in most combat situations over the other Action Skill.

Starting Class Tier List

As already mentioned, all of the classes offer something to the player, whether it’s their skill tree or an Action Skill. However, some of them make things a little easier on your end, especially once you start getting towards the end of the main story or get into the endgame portion. The Spellshot is one of the more versatile classes in the game, as it has a lot of synergies with other classes, plus its class feat, Spellweaving, is one of the better damage boosters. Spore Warden is another good one, especially with its Mushroom Companion and some of its skill tree passives can really help out some builds.

The dark magic gains from the Graveborn tree will really help with survivability, plus its pet passives from its skill tree can make things super duper fun, once you get into the latter portions of the game. If you wish to become a master of Frost, then the Brr-Zerker is an excellent choice to start, while the Clawbringer will, well, bring fire and shock to the forefront. Should you wish to become a sneaky rogue-like character with a bigger chance to inflict critical hits, then you should definitely look into the Stabbomancer.

Below is a tentative tier list for the starting classes, with the knowledge that they all bring something valuable to the table:

  • Spellshot
  • Spore Warden
  • Stabbomancer
  • Graveborn
  • Brr-Zerker
  • Clawbringer


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