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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

How Does Armor Work?

Jarrod Garripoli

The Armor slot is essentially the Class Mod slot from previous games, where you will gain access to passive buffs, as well as some points towards your skill trees. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, at least, the Armors follow a general rule and don’t really offer random skills on them. This page will give an overview on the Armors and how they work.

Armors not only provide buffs to your character, but also change your appearance

How Do Armors Work in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You will unlock the Armor slot fairly early in your adventure, with Armors becoming fairly common drops. As with any other piece of loot, Armors will come in the various rarities, like White, Green, Blue, Purple and Legendary. As you go higher on the rarity list, there will be more passives added to it, as well as a larger distribution of skill points. Of course, the skills you get on the Armors are not totally random, but selected from a preset, especially once you get to the Epic (purple) and Legendary ones.

Epic and Legendary Armors will have a main class, as well as a secondary one, which will determine the actual skills being offered. Both of the classes will have a percentage listed, which contributes to the class power. For example, Spellshot will contribute to the Spellweaving power. At level 40, with the Epic/Legendary rarities, the main class will receive a 30% boost, while the secondary class will have half of that (15%). Chaotic, Volatile, and Primordial will give a bigger boost to those numbers, once you are able to get them to drop.

As for the skills, Epic and Legendary will have a five point spread given across 1-3 skills. Legendary Armors do not give more points than Epic, but they usually have a special effect that is exclusive to the piece of Armor. Also, the points you gain toward a skill does no exceed the maximum amount you can have in the skill tree. For example, if you have the Spellshot’s Double Knot on a piece of Armor, it will never be more than “+3,” while something like Spell Sniper could be “+5,” as those are the maximum values on the skill tree themselves. Each piece of Epic/Legendary armor will have two skills geared towards the main class, and an additional skill geared towards the secondary class.

(1 of 2) White rarity armor will not do much for you

White rarity armor will not do much for you (left), while the higher rarities will start to provide skills on them, in addition to passives (right)

You can still gain the benefit of skills on Armors, even if you haven’t learned them on the Skill Tree, as long as you are one of the two classes. For example, if you are a Brr-Zerker/Spellshot and have the appropriate Armor (Brr-Zerker main and Spellshot secondary), then you can get the effect from Imbued Weapon if you don’t have that skill specced. However, you will not gain the effect of any skills if you are not one of the two classes. Using the example above, if you equip an Armor that is geared towards Brr-Zerker and Clawbringer, then you will not gain the effects of Dragon Aura.

Armor Pieces and Prefixes

As mentioned in the above overview of Armors, each one (Epic/Legendary) will have a main class and a secondary class. The main class can gain access to two skills from their tree on that piece of Armor, while a secondary class can see a single skill from their tree. While it may seem like the skills present are random, they are actually not. For example a Spellshot (main) and Brr-Zerker (secondary) will always have a combination of the following skills: Just Warming Up, High Thread Count, and Instinct. These Armors will always have the same prefix, too, like the above having the prefix, Wild Mage’s. This makes it a little easier to know which Armor you’re getting, simply based on the prefix alone, although the skill makeup can vary.

(1 of 2) There’s not much difference between Epic and Legendary Armors

There’s not much difference between Epic and Legendary Armors (left), except that Legendary ones will have a special effect attached to them (right)

Brr-Zerker Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Clawbringer Savagery, Blast Chill, Dragon Aura Warrior’s
Graveborn Ancient Fury, Unyielding, Blast Gasp Draugr’s
Spellshot Ancestral Frost, Ice Breaker, Imbued Weapon Viking’s
Spore Warden Ice Breaker, Cold Snap, Affinity Ranger’s
Stabbomancer Iron Squall, The Old Ways, Follow Up Gladiator’s

Clawbringer Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Brr-Zerker Rebuke, Oath of Thunder, Iron Squall Commander’s
Graveborn Friend to Flame, Oath of Fire, Harvest Inquisitor’s
Spellshot Radiance, Dedication, Mage Armor Paladin’s
Spore Warden Blasthamut’s Favor, Oath of Fire, Called Shot Cavalier’s
Stabbomancer Awe, Oath of Thunder, Nimble Fingers Battlemaster’s

Graveborn Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Brr-Zerker Mortal Vessel, Ascension, Blood Frenzy Reaver’s
Clawbringer Essence Drain, Blast Gasp, Dragon Aura Dragon Knight’s
Spellshot Essence Drain, Ascension, War Caster Lich’s
Spore Warden Faithful Thralls, Dark Hydra, Thrill of the Hunt Ghostlight’s
Stabbomancer Dark Pact, Stain of the Soul, Contagion Cultist’s

Spellshot Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Brr-Zerker Just Warming Up, High Thread Count, Instinct, Wild Mage’s
Clawbringer Just Warming Up, Font of Mana, Awe Warcaster’s
Graveborn Spell Sniper, Font of Mana, Stain of the Soul Warlock’s
Spore Warden High Thread Count, Prestidigitation, Windrunner Alchemist’s
Stabbomancer Spell Sniper, Double Knot, A Thousand Cuts Trickster’s

Spore Warden Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Brr-Zerker Bounty of the Hunt, Wrath of Nature, Iron Squall Hunter’s
Clawbringer Kindred Heart, Bullseye, Friend to Flame Elementalist’s
Graveborn Kindred Heart, Windrunner, Harvest Druid’s
Spellshot Called Shot, Eagle Eye, Imbued Weapon Bombardier’s
Stabbomancer Bullseye, Eagle Eye, A Thousand Cuts Pathfinder’s

Stabbomancer Main Class Armors

Secondary Class Skills Prefix
Brr-Zerker Haste, Swift Death, Cold Snap Swash Buckler’s
Clawbringer Exploit Their Weakness, Potent Poisons, Dragon Aura Duelist’s
Graveborn Arsenal, Sneak Attack, Lord of Edges Assassin’s
Spellshot Nimble Fingers, Arsenal, Magic Bullets Spellsword’s
Spore Warden Swift Death, Follow Up, Windrunner Ambusher’s
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