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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Ultimate Brr-Zerker and Stabbomancer Melee Build

Jarrod Garripoli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Frost-Shivver build, which is the combined classes of Brr-Zerker and Stabbomancer, focusing on delivering the highest of melee hits.

Skill Tree - Brr-Zerker

First off, you have a chance for the first tier of skills. If you’re using a Frost melee weapon, then spec into Ancestral Frost; otherwise, you can go with Savagery for more overall damage. The second tier includes one of the big parts of this build, Ice Breaker, which is why you want a way to inflict chill/freeze on enemies. Continue with The Old Ways, Cold Snap, Unarmored Defense, and two points in Blood Frenzy. Blast Chill is great for mobbing, and two points into Iron Squall will help with melee swing speed. If you are going for the capstone here, then take two points out of Potent Poisons and put into Iron Squall and subsequently, Blood of the Fallen.

The skill trees for this build

Skill Tree - Stabbomancer

Start with maxing out Arsenal and Haste, then four points in Potent Poisons. Continue down the tree with both Follow Up and Exploit Their Weakness, both of which will increase the damage of your melee attacks. Shadow Step will make your next melee attack a critical hit, although it requires you to kill an enemy beforehand. Put a single point into Contagion, then grab Alchemical Agent. That last one is more for added damage to bosses, so if you want more mobbing power, then you can forget it and go with the capstone in the Brr-Zerker tree.

Hero Stats and Backstory

Strength is one of the key stats for this build, since you want as much critical hit damage as possible. Dexterity isn’t needed, as you have From the Shadows and you will always get a critical hit during that action skill. Although it might not seem like you will get status effect damage from this point, you can also put points into Wisdom for that. Lastly, all other points should go into Attunement, to reduce the cooldown for From the Shadows.


One of the big worries about this build is the ability to apply Frost to an enemy, particularly to the point that they have the cold status effect. The Empowering Sigil (this is not a legendary or special spell) is one way this can be done, since it has a pretty high chance of inflicting it on the enemy. Of course, you have to worry about the enemy being in the range of the sigil, since the area of effect isn’t that big. Since you will be meleeing enemies, you shouldn’t really have to worry about this, but just make sure that the Sigil is a Frost element.

Something like this spell can work for inflicting freeze on enemies


The key weapon for this build is the Live Wire legendary SMG. The reason for this is because whenever you have this equipped and are holding it, you will have chain reactions upon meleeing an enemy. You will want to keep the current magazine as low as possible, though, so shooting it off until there’s only a single ammo in the chamber is what you want. For the melee weapon, a Wailing Banshee is the one you will be looking for with this build. The reason for this is because it has one of the highest damages of the legendary melee weapons in the game.


The Armor slot should be either the Corrupted Platemail or the Smart Armor, with the prefix called Ranger’s. This should get you some extra points into the Ice Breaker skill, which is one of the biggest boosts for this build. The Smart Armor is more for damage, while the Corrupted Platemail will help with survivability. Using a Theurge for your amulet might be a good idea, since you will get your action skill back more quickly whenever you cast a spell. For your rings, a Mood Ring and/or Championship Ring that focuses on melee damage is your go-to here. The Mood Ring doubles the passives whenever your ward is not full, and the Championship Ring doubles the passives whenever you deal damage to a boss.


Naturally, any Enchantments that increase melee damage should be put on your main pieces of gear that will always be a part of the loadout (like the melee weapon, Ward, and spell). Additionally, since the build does use some elemental damage to some effect, then you can put something like Action Skill Start -> Increase Elemental Damage on something, too.

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