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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tips and Tricks for the Chaos Chamber

Jarrod Garripoli

The Chaos Chamber is an endgame piece of content that unlocks after completing the main story of the game. It can be quite difficult to players who aren’t expecting its structure, especially since there’s so many different things going on at once. This page will give some tips and tricks for the Chaos Chamber.

Before delving into the specific tips and tricks, whenever you gain access to the Chaos Chamber, you will be able to perform a tutorial. This tutorial is a practice run that will teach you about most of the basics of the Chaos Chamber, although it doesn’t cover every single thing. Once you complete that, you will be able to fully dive into the various runs. Note that when you access the NPC to begin a Chaos Chamber run, you will see that he has various types available. The following is a quick rundown on the various types of runs you can do.

You choose which type of run you want to do in the castle

  • Featured Run - This is a set and preplanned run that will have the same enemies and bosses every time you choose it. It appears to be changed weekly right now.
  • Normal Run - Randomized run through the Chaos Chamber, with different enemies and bosses every time you play through it. You will fight a miniboss after completing three rooms, then a boss after completing three more rooms.
  • Extended Run - Take the Normal Run mentioned above, but make it longer. So, you will be facing multiple bosses throughout an Extended Run.
  • Chaos Trial - Pick this if you wish to increase your Chaos Levels, making the game harder, but also offering better rewards. To increase the Chaos Level to the next iteration, you will have to do a run on the maximum one you’ve already unlocked.

1) Don’t Overcomplicate Chaos Trials

Whenever you want to increase your Chaos Levels in the game, you will need to complete the Chaos Trial run listed in the various types of runs. In order to get to the next Chaos Level, you will have to complete a Chaos Trial on the previous level. For example, to get to Chaos Level 10, you will need to complete a run on Chaos Level 9. For this very reason, it’s best to not overcomplicate things by making the run harder than it needs to be. That means picking the easier Curses and the rooms that are either the Butt Stallion reward at the end or more Rainbow Crystals.

Additionally, it’s best to just go straight through to the end, instead of searching for something like the Secret Raid Bosses. Of course, you can just ignore this and do whatever you want, especially if you like the challenge of things. You should also avoid trying to increase your Chaos Levels if you are having a tough time running the latest one you already unlocked. Make tweaks to your build, get better equipment, or learn how to deal with specific enemies, if needed, before going forward.

2) Be Careful With Curses

The first thing you will always have during a Chaos Chamber run is the ability to pick between two Curses to make the run more challenge, while also increase the Rainbow Crystals you receive. Some of these Curses aren’t too bad to deal with, like a Buff Buddy that can boost the attributes of an enemy. However, the Bulwark Buddy is a nuisance, as they make enemies invulnerable to all damage until you get rid of the little flying cube. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell what a Curse does before choosing it.

Be careful when picking the Curses, as some can be quite a pain

3) Equip Loot Luck Items in Rewards Room

While playing through the actual Chaos Chamber rooms, you will want your best gear to help you kill enemies much more quickly. However, once you make it to the very end and defeat the boss, you will be able to enter the Rewards Room. Before opening the chest or interacting with the Rabbits, it’s a good idea to equip any pieces of gear that have Loot Luck on them. Doing this seems to help quite a bit with getting better loot, especially Legendaries.

4) Play Co-op for Easy Survival and Better Loot

You may like to play alone and there’s nothing wrong with that, playing in co-op will help a lot in staying alive, especially since you only get three lives during an entire run. Of course, there will be tougher enemies and the like, but your rewards will also be increased, so it’s a double-edged sword there.

5) Chaos Trials Are the Same

While you won’t know what enemies and bosses you will face during a Chaos Trial until you actually dive into it, the bosses you face will remain the same if you happen to fail it. That means if you’re doing a Chaos Trial to get to Chaos Level 3 and face Ribula at the end, with you failing it once, the next time you attempt it, Ribula will still be the boss at the end and you can easily prepare for that fight this time.

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