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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

What is the Chaos Chamber?

Jarrod Garripoli

While previous Borderlands games have allowed you to start another playthrough upon completing the game, dubbed True Vault Hunter Mode, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers a new endgame. This page will give an overview of what the Chaos Chamber is and when you unlock it.

Welcome to the Chaos Chamber!

Unlocking the Chaos Chamber

You will be unable to find the Chaos Chamber until you’ve completed the main story. Once you do that, there will be an Epilogue and you will be introduced to some things you’ve unlocked. One of those will be the Chaos Chamber, which will be inside Butt Stallion’s castle, and is being run by a certain NPC. Speak to that NPC and you will have the ability to run through a quick tutorial on how the Chaos Chamber works.

What is the Chaos Chamber

As already mentioned, the Chaos Chamber is the endgame for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and is basically you running through randomized rooms to gain more loot. The basic rundown is that you will run through three rooms that act very similar to the little “dungeons” out on the Overworld. Defeat enough enemies in each room to be able to progress to the next one. After the third room, you will have a fourth that contains a mini-boss of some kind. Then, you will go through another three rooms, and the very final room will be a boss encounter. Of course, there’s a little more to the Chaos Chamber than that, but that will be what you’re doing as a basic skeleton structure.

(1 of 2) You will face a mini-boss halfway through a run

You will face a mini-boss halfway through a run (left), The final room will pit you against a boss (right)

What are Curses in the Chaos Chamber

Occasionally, upon completing a room, you will be offered a choice between two different Curses. These come in tiers (Easy, Medium, and Hard) and the more challenging Curses will result in greater rewards. You will need to use caution to see how well you have been doing and choose the appropriate Curse, especially if you want greater rewards. Below is a quick table, outlining the benefits of choosing the various Curses:

Curse Difficulty Rewards Bonus
Easy +30% Rainbow Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance per Enemy Killed
Medium +60% Rainbow Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance per Enemy Killed
Hard +120% Rainbow Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance per Enemy Killed

(1 of 2) Curses will hinder you in some way, but will improve your loot

Curses will hinder you in some way, but will improve your loot (left), The portals will dictate what kind of room will be next (right)

What are Portals in the Chaos Chamber

When you’re not getting the above choice, you will usually see two portals at the end of a room, presenting you with one of two options on what the next room will focus on. There’s only four options here, which can be seen in the table below:

Icon Portal Description
x Gear Chest You gain additional loot upon beating the next encounter.
x Crystal Chest You gain more Rainbow Crystals upon beating the next encounter.
x Butt Stallion’s Favor Queen Butt Stallion will appear upon beating the next encounter. She will pick a random passive skill from your skill tree and bless it, increasing its power.
x Dragon Lord’s Curse The Dragon Lord will appear upon beating the next encounter. You will be able to choose between two Curses, as mentioned above.

What are Rainbow Crystals and How to Get Them

As you complete the various rooms in the Chaos Chamber, you will see little crystals that drop. These are Rainbow Crystals and have a variety of uses throughout the run. You can either spend these during the run itself, on Blessings, or save them until the very end. They have a chance to drop from any kill, but there are easier ways to obtain the Rainbow Crystals. Elite and Badass enemies have a higher chance to drop them, and depending on the difficulty of the Curses you choose, you will get more drops there, too.

(1 of 3) Break these large crystals when you find them

There is usually a big purple crystal hidden in each room and if you break it, a Badass enemy will spawn. Kill this Badass enemy and you ensure you get a bunch of Rainbow Crystals to drop. Additionally, one of the portals you can choose at the end of a room has a Crystal Chest icon, meaning you will gain more crystals if you happen to go with that option. One of the options, with the Portals, is to spend some crystals to make an Elite encounter in the next room. While you are guaranteed more drops from the Elite and Badass enemies, you might not always get a good return for your investment.

How Do You Open Skull Vaults in the Chaos Chamber

Another way to get some Rainbow Crystals is via secret vaults that you might come across while doing the rooms. The vaults look like gears, on some sort of pedestal, and normally does nothing if you try to interact with them. In order to open the vaults, you will need to find a hidden skull nearby, which when shot, will allow you to open the vaults. The hidden skull is usually in the same area as the vault, so you need to simply look around and locate it. Upon damaging the skull, interact with the vault and you will be rewarded with Rainbow Crystals.

Rewards for the Chaos Chamber

Upon successfully completing a full Chaos Chamber run, you will find a chest waiting for you in the final room. Opening the chest will cause all kinds of loot to pop out of it, with the rewards reflecting how difficult you made the run on yourself. In that same chamber, you will see rabbits on the sides, each with one of the item types pictured next to it. To get rewards from these rabbits, you will have to feed them Rainbow Crystals. Despite the 500 Rainbow Crystals being listed, you don’t need to actually have that many on hand in order to obtain loot from the rabbit.

(1 of 2) Open the chest at the end to be showered in loot

Open the chest at the end to be showered in loot (left), You can save up Rainbow Crystals to spend on the rabbits for even more loot (right)

These rabbits allow you to choose a specialized item type you may need, like a pistol, a melee weapon, or even an amulet, as examples. As you feed the crystals to the rabbit, loot will pop out of it until you have fed it the 500 Rainbow Crystals. You can still try to obtain loot from the same rabbit after using it once, so the limit was probably put there to make sure you don’t accidentally spend all your crystals on one option.

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