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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

How to Farm Gold

Jarrod Garripoli

As with any Borderlands game, money can be an important factor, especially if you happen to find something nice you want to purchase in a vending machine. It is no different in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, as Gold not only allows you to purchase new pieces of gear, but it is also required to purchase the SDU upgrades to increase your ammo capacity, inventory space, and more.

Gold will be a precious resource in the long run

The main reason you will want Gold in Wonderlands is because of the SDU upgrades mentioned above. They start out fairly inexpensive, but as you get to the higher tiers of them, you will see they get ridiculously expensive. In order to get all achievements/trophies in the game, you will need to purchase all of the SDUs, so you will need to farm a long time to get all of that Gold. Unfortunately, outside of exploiting/glitching the game, you will not find a way to get a quick buttload of Gold without farming in some manner.

Kill Bosses and Sell Loot

One simple way to get Gold in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is to simply farm bosses and sell all of the loot they drop. You can do this as soon as you begin the game, although your boss kills are not going to be very quick at that point. Once you reach the post-game and have a decent build for your character, go back to a boss you can easily kill and keep farming them over and over. One huge tip for farming bosses is to simply do one of the following to respawn them:

  • Quit your game and reload to appear back at the last respawn station
  • Teleport back to Brighthoof and use the portal near your spawn to go back
  • Once you have Chaos Levels unlocked, you can switch between them (don’t forget to Apply) to instantly reload the area, which respawns the boss

(1 of 2) Killing bosses will get you a lot of loot

Killing bosses will get you a lot of loot (left), which will help in getting you a lot of gold (right)

Sell Your Cosmetic Items

In a recent hotfix (April 14, 2022), the value of the cosmetic items that drop was doubled, so they sell for a lot more than they did previously. At max level, they are worth around 13,000 Gold each, so you could simply loot them and sell the ones you have already used.

Enchant Gear Before Selling

Once you’ve completed the main story, you will gain the ability to Enchant your gear, giving them passive effects that make your character stronger. In order to Enchant gear, you will need Moon Orbs, which have a chance to drop quite often from enemies and bosses. If you pick up a piece of gear to sell and it’s not Enchanted, then it might be a good idea to do just that before getting rid of it, as it will only increase its value. It only costs 2 Moon Orbs to Enchant any piece of gear for the first time. Also, not every gear type can be Enchanted.

(1 of 2) Cosmetics you already used can sell for a good amount of gold

Cosmetics you already used can sell for a good amount of gold (left), Rocket Launchers from the rabbits in the Chaos Chambers are going to be worth a lot (right)

Chaos Chamber

Running through the Chaos Chamber can get you a lot of Gold, if you know what you’re doing in there. The best thing to do is to maximize your Rainbow Crystals and get to the end, with the rabbits, as that is where the money can be made. Particularly, you will probably want to focus on spells and rocket launchers, as they tend to sell for more than other pieces of gear. Also, don’t forget that you will always get a lot of gear in general from the Chaos Chamber, especially the rewards room.

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