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Graveborn Action Skills and Skill Tree

Jarrod Garripoli

There are six classes you can choose from when you create a character in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This page will pertain to the Graveborn class, and detail both the Action Skills and Skill tree of that class.

Class Feat - Demi-Lich Companion

The Fatemaker is accompanied by a floating Demi-Lich Companion that targets enemies at range and deals Dark Magic damage. Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, the Demi-Lich will cast Hellish Blast, creating a homing projectile of the Spell’s elemental type, dealing damage to nearby enemies on impact. Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skills

Dire Sacrifice

The Fatemaker sacrifices some of their Current Health to deal Dark Magic Damage and apply Dark Magic Status Effects to all enemies nearby. Dire Sacrifice deals bonus damage proportional to the sacrificed amount of Health.

Reaper of Bones

The Fatemaker is fully Healed, gains Leech Efficiency, and deals Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration, but loses an ever-increasing amount of Health per second.
When the Fatemaker would die, they become Invulnerable for a duration, restore some of their Health, and Reaper of Bones ends.

Passive Skills - Tier 1

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornMortalVessel.png Mortal Vessel 5 Maximum Health is increased. Leech Efficiency is increased.
TinyTinaGravebornEssenceDrain.png Essence Drain 5 Kill Skill: Spell Cooldown Rate is increased for a duration.
TinyTinaGravebornFaithfulThralls.png Faithful Thralls 3 The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage for every Companion they have. Companion Respawn Rate is increased.

Passive Skills - Tier 2

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornSanguineSacrament.png Sanguine Sacrament 3 Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, they regenerate Health over a brief duration.
TinyTinaGravebornDarkPact.png Dark Pact 5 Dark Magic Damage is increased.
TinyTinaGravebornHarvest.png Harvest 3 Kill Skill: Companions deal Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration. This effect can stack.

Passive Skills - Tier 3

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornDreadCovenant.png Dread Covenant 1 A portion of the damage taken by the Fatemaker is redirected to the Demi-Lich. When the Fatemaker reaches 1 Health, they immediately restore Health, sacrificing the Demi-Lich. This skill has a long cooldown.
TinyTinaGravebornStainSoul.png Stain of the Soul 5 The Fatemaker’s Spells deal bonus Dark Magic Damage.
TinyTinaGravebornDarkHydra.png Dark Hydra 3 Kill Skill: Chance to summon a Dark Hydra Companion, dealing Dark Magic Ability Damage to nearby enemies for a duration.

Passive Skills - Tier 4

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornAscension.png Ascension 3 Kill Skill: Maximum Health and Spell Damage are increased for a long duration. This effect can stack.
TinyTinaGravebornPunishment.png Punishment 1 When the Demi-Lich casts Hellish Blast, there is a chance it will be cast again after a brief delay.

Passive Skills - Tier 5

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornLordEdges.png Lord of Edges 1 The Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt and Damage Reduction the lower their Health.
TinyTinaGravebornBlastGasp.png Blast Gasp 5 Whenever the Fatemaker deals Spell Damage, there is a chance to create an explosion, dealing Ability Damage of the Spell’s elemental type to nearby enemies. The Elemental Explosion cannot critically hit.

Passive Skills - Tier 6

Icon Skill Ranks Description
TinyTinaGravebornMorhaimBlessing.png Morhaim’s Blessing 1 Casting a Spell automatically activates all of the Fatemaker’s Kill Skills.


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