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Stabbomancer Action Skills and Skill Tree

Shane Williams

There are six classes you can choose from when you create a character in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This page will pertain to the Stabbomancer class, and detail both the Action Skills and Skill tree of that class.

Class Feat - Dirty Fighting

The Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Chance is increased.

Action Skills

Ghost Blade

The Fatemaker throws out a Ghost Blade which spins in place at target location, dealing Melee Damage periodically to nearby enemies based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.
Pressing the Action Skill Button while Ghost Blade is active causes it to teleport to the targeted location and reduces its remaining duration by a small percentage.

From the Shadows

The Fatemaker enters Stealth, turning Invisible. While in Stealth, all damage dealt is automatically a Critical Hit, but Critical Hits deal reduced damage.

Passive Skills - Tier 1

Icon Skill Ranks Description
ArsenalTinyTinaWonderland.png Arsenal 5 Melee Damage is increased. Spell Damage is increased. Gun Damage is increased.
HasteTinyTinaWonderland.png Haste 3 Melee Attack Speed is increased. Movement Speed is increased. When you cast a Spell, double this bonus for a duration.
PotentPoisonsTinyTinaWonderland.png Potent Poisons 5 Status Effect Damage is increased. Status Effect Duration is increased.

Passive Skills - Tier 2

Icon Skill Ranks Description
FollowUpTinyTinaWonderland.png Follow Up 3 Whenever the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage to an enemy, increase the damage of your next Melee Attack. This effect can stack. Melee Attacks consume all stacks.
SwiftDeathTinyTinaWonderland.png Swift Death 5 While moving, the Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt. The faster the Fatemaker moves, the greater these bonuses.
ExploitTheirWeaknessesTinyTinaWonderland.png Exploit Their Weakness 3 Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased damage from all sources for its duration. This effect can stack per unique Status Effect.

Passive Skills - Tier 3

Icon Skill Ranks Description
NimbleFingersTinyTinaWonderland.png Nimble Fingers 3 Whenever the Fatemaker deals Melee Damage, their Fire Rate and Spell Damage are increased for a duration.
ShadowStepTinyTinaWonderland.png Shadow Step 1 Kill Skill: The Fatemaker’s next Melee Attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit for a short duration.

Passive Skills - Tier 4

Icon Skill Ranks Description
SneakAttackTinyTinaWonderland.png Sneak Attack 5 Critical Hit Damage is increased.
ElusiveTinyTinaWonderland.png Elusive 1 You can now shoot and Sprint at the same time. Gain a chance to Evade incoming damage while moving. The faster you move, the greater the chance.
ContagionTinyTinaWonderland.png Contagion 3 Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect, there is a chance it spreads to nearby enemies. If no enemies are nearby, deal a percentage of the Status Effect’s total damage to the enemy instead.

Passive Skills - Tier 5

Icon Skill Ranks Description
AThousandCutsTinyTinaWonderland.png A Thousand Cuts 5 Critical Hits grant the Fatemaker increased Damage Dealt for a duration. This effect can stack up to 10 times. Melee Critical Hits grant additional stacks.
AlchemicalAgentTinyTinaWonderland.png Alchemical Agent 1 Melee Critical Hits apply a random Status Effect.

Passive Skills - Tier 6

Icon Skill Ranks Description
ExecutionersBladeTinyTinaWonderland.png Executioner’s Blade 1 Gun and Spell Critical Hits have a chance to create an Ethereal Blade above the target that will impale them after a short delay. Ethereal Blades deal Melee Damage based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.


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