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Best Spellshot and Graveborn Build

Jarrod Garripoli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Deadshot build, which is the combined classes of Spellshot and Graveborn.

Early Game - Font of Mana

When you start the game, you will be picking the Spellshot class as your primary class. Remember that your primary class will not be able to be changed through respecing your character, which also holds true for your Backstory. Village Idiot always seems like a smart choice for the best Backstory, as you gain 8 Strength and only lose 3 Intelligence. The only problem with this is that Intelligence is one of the main stats for a Spellshot, since they will be using spells a lot. Your first few levels should be worrying about Intelligence (even more so, if you took the Village Idiot backstory) and maybe adding a point of Constitution/Dexterity every two or three levels.

The Skill Trees for the Deadshot at level 40

As for the Skills, go with three points in Magic Bullets, then two in Spell Sniper to get to the second tier. With that, you will be going straight to Font of Mana, to help reduce the cooldown rate on spells. While doing this, you will unlock the Ambi-Hextrous Action Skill, allowing you to equip two spells. Keep pumping the points into Font of Mana, then once that’s full, get the Mage Armor skill. This is a nice skill, as whenever you get a stack of Spellweaving (either using a spell or reloading a gun), you will gain 10% of your Ward back. When you’ve gotten those, you can head back to Spell Sniper and finish that off, then go with a point in Just Warming Up or Prestidigitation (Reload speed will probably help more). That should unlock the fourth tier, where you will want to get High Thread Count, as soon as possible, for the extra Spellweaving stacks.

Mid Game - Graveborn Secondary Class

At this point, you should be close to finishing up the Emotion of the Ocean main story mission, which will unlock your secondary class. Of course, you will be picking the Graveborn for your secondary class, which is where you will be putting most of the remaining Skill Points. Start off by going straight to Essence Drain, then do Mortal Vessel. For some sustainability, you can put points into Sanguine Sacrament. By the time you hit level 30, you can have a point in Dread Covenant, then a point in Stain of the Soul. That is around the time that you will likely finish the main story.

End Game - Ascension

Once you’ve beaten the main story and can unlock the Chaos Chamber, you will be able to finish working on your Skill Trees. At this point, you should have unlocked the fourth tier of the Graveborn tree, where you will want to dump three points into Ascension. After that, put two more points into Stain of the Soul to access the fifth tier, then go with Blast Gasp to bring you to level 40. You should only have three more Skill Points left now, so place one into Morhaim’s Blessing, the capstone for the Graveborn tree, then two more into whatever you want. You can max out Stain of the Soul, or put two more points into Prestidigitation, but you have the main skills for this build.


One of the better weapon types in the game is the pistol, which works very well with the Spellshot. If you can manage to get one of the pistols with a one-shot magazine size, use that, because the constant reloading works wonders with building up Spellweaving stacks. That, in turn, will increase the power of your spells, and you can even do this in between fights without wasting a lot of ammo. Once you reach the end portion of the game and can truly start farming Legendary weapons, try to get a Masterwork Handbow to drop. This is the best version of the weapon type mentioned above, plus it has some huge damage attached to it.

That is really the only gun that might matter, as you will likely be using spells more often than not with this build.


Spells are the key to this build and the Legendary spells just aren’t really going to do much here, so it’s best to ignore them. Since you will be dual-wielding spells, you have some choices here, but some key takeaways are that you want quick-casting spells that have a low cooldown. Both don’t need to be like this, but you will want at least one of them to be like the above, as well as having multiple charges. This ensures that you can use the quicker spells in conjunction with using a gun (if mapped to the left side). The other spell can have a longer cooldown and something like a Calamity spell can go well here.

One quick tip is to always have spells of other elements in your inventory, as you won’t want to be left with dealing no damage against bosses in the Chaos Chamber that are immune or strong against your primary spell.

Equipment - Rings

One of the key things with this building is finding two Rings with Spell Damage as their main stat. A maximum seems to be 15% with level 40, with Chaotic and Volatile adding a bigger boost, should you get one to drop. If you can manage to find Rings with Spell Damage that have some good other effects, then that’s a great thing. It isn’t truly needed, though, as the Spell Damage is what you want with this build.

Equipment - Amulet

Ideally, you will find an Amulet that contributes to the Spellshot Power, while also enhancing the element of your main spell, if possible. You can also find Amulets that have a modifier of All Damage Dealt, making your build even more powerful.

Equipment - Ward

A specific Ward isn’t really needed, either, but one with a high capacity is always good. Ideally, if you can get an Enchantment on it that increases your damage on a spell cast, that is about all you will need. The Hammer and Anvil legendary is always nice to have, since you have a hammer being tossed out to attack enemies. Likewise, the Mind Rune legendary will also complement this build, since any time you use a spell, an elemental blast will be centered on that enemy. If you are using a Fire spell, then trying to farm a Body Rune legendary can boost that element.

Equipment - Armor

Armor can be a tricky thing to get, as you will want something that complements your build, as well as have the boosts to skills you have. The Amalgam has the potential to have five passive bonuses on it, which makes it great for getting the right passives you need, like extra Spell Damage or Crit Chance/Damage. Of course, these bonuses are in addition to the skills it can boost.


As should be obvious, this build is mostly centered on casting spells and making them more powerful. Having a good gun or two might be ideal, just for a back up, but the majority of the time will be spent slinging magic. The one spell should have a low cooldown, while the other can have a higher cooldown, although if you want both to have low cooldowns, then go for it.


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