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Best Clawbringer and Stabbomancer Status Damage Build

Jarrod Garripoli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Clawstalker build, which is the combined classes of Clawbringer and Stabbomancer, focusing on status effect damage.

Skill Tree - Clawbringer

There’s not too much to grab in the Clawbringer tree, so start off with maxing both Oath of Fire and Oath of Thunder. This will give you bonus fire and lightning damage with guns and melee, respectively, adding more potential status effects. To increase your elemental damage, go with Dragon Aura next, then lastly, grab Blasthamut’s Favor to finish your skill points.

The Skill Trees for this build

Skill Tree - Stabbomancer

The bulk of this build will revolve around the Contagion skill, which basically makes it so whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect, there is a chance it will spread to nearby enemies. If there is no enemies nearby, then it will apply a different random Status Effect to the initial enemy instead. All you need to know is that this can deal some immense damage and thanks to the spread to other enemies, it also deals a good amount of damage to them, too. To start off, fill up Potent Poisons for the extra status effect damage, then put three points into Exploit Their Weakness. You can also add points into Follow Up, then Shadow Step and three points in Arsenal to get to the next tier.

Of course, as already mentioned, Contagion is the big winner here, so max that and then also max Sneak Attack. You can then grab Alchemical Agent, as well as three points into A Thousand Cuts. You can now grab the capstone, Executioner’s Blade.

Hero Stats and Backstory

Since you will be focusing on status effect damage, the best Backstory to choose is probably Rogue Alchemist, as it provides the largest Wisdom boost. Naturally, you will be maxing this stat, as well as Strength for the extra critical hit damage. Once you get those maxed out, then you can probably worry about Attunement third, as that will allow you to use From the Shadows more often.


The primary spell you will be using is a Buffmeister, as that will give your attacks a boost once you cast it. Having Pew and Bonk on it is ideal, since you will be utilizing both melee and gun attacks. A substitute could be the Gelatinous Cube, as it has a high status effect chance and damage on it.


Ideally, you will want a Twin Soul legendary melee weapon, as that gives you two passives on it. The one you want to get on this is the Caustic passive, which allows you to get a buff to Status Effect Chance/Damage by 30% for 10 seconds whenever you use a melee attack. For weapons, you have a few choices, but the White Rider definitely helps a lot. One of the reasons for this is because it has a higher status effect damage than other ones of the same variety, like the Live Wire, which has a low damage for status effects. Another weapon you can use is the Crossblade shotgun. This one is great, as it deals two different elements at once, and thus, two potential status effects.

The Twin Soul melee weapon with Caustic on it will add a lot to this build


The Body Rune will probably be your Ward of choice here, as one of its special effects will give you a 20% bonus fire damage whenever you kill an enemy (and also give you health back). A Bad Egg might be a good substitute, since that gives you bonus Dark Magic damage while the Ward is depleted. For the Armor, you want one that gives you +3 to the Contagion skill. Sadly, the only one that can do this has the prefix of Cultist’s, which is a Graveborn/Stabbomancer one. The best Armor, though, is the Corrupted Platemail, as it converts damage to Dark Magic damage. For rings, you could probably focus on melee ones, since you will want to get some bonus from the Stabbo’s capstone.


For your gun, you will probably want an Action Skill Start -> Increase Damage Dealt enchantment on it. The melee weapon will have the Action Skill Start -> increase Status Effect Chance/Damage on it. Other Enchants can increase elemental damage, or melee damage.


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