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Where to Find the Rune Switch Puzzle in Tangledrift

Jarrod Garripoli

Rune Switches are a puzzle that you can find throughout areas in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They consist of a little altar that has three switches connected to it. Upon first interacting, the runes will appear throughout the area and you will have to touch them before the timer runs out. You will need to touch them in order, or you will have to start over from the beginning. The switch you must touch will emit a green light, so you know where to go next. Finishing all 12 Rune Switch puzzles will grant you a permanent 10% Dexterity increase. This page will list the location of the Rune Switch puzzle in Tangledrift.

Where to Find the Rune Switch in Tangledrift

(1 of 2) Go to this location on the map to find the Rune Switch Puzzle

Go to this location on the map to find the Rune Switch Puzzle (left), It's out in plain sight, so it's not difficult to see (right)

From the Beanageddon fast travel station, take the main path until you slide down to an area with some enemies. After taking them out, head southwest until you reach a small, wooden bridge, making sure to not cross it. There is a higher ledge right next to it, which is where the Rune Switch puzzle will begin. There will be a cart right behind it, as well as a few “Don’t Jump” signs.

How to Complete the Rune Switch Puzzle in Tangledrift

As usual, you will have to hit the pieces in the right order, so even though you will see other pieces’ lights, they will be red and thus, the wrong ones to go after at the start. As soon as you hit the Rune Switch, drop down and cross the first wooden bridge, then continue across the second one. Go southeast from there and jump on the bundle of hay, then onto the ledge to find the first piece. The second one will be to the west, on a higher elevation, so you’ll need to go up the vine bridge.

Stick to the northern edge while heading west for the second piece. The third piece is a bit tricky to see, but it will be straight north of the second one. You will see the light emanating from the piece, but won’t see the actual puzzle piece itself. That’s because the light is shooting out of a small well, meaning the puzzle is underneath it. If you jump down to the ledge just north of the second piece, you should see a dirt area below that one. So, quickly jump down from the second piece, then hurry to the dirt area underneath to touch the third piece. Use the portal behind it to get back topside.


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