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What is the Best Backstory to Choose

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the things you can give your character upon creating it is a backstory. While this doesn’t affect anything regarding the actual story, backstories actually do affect your starting stats. You can only choose a single backstory on character creation and you cannot change it on that character at all. So, once you start a new character and begin playing the game, you will be unable to choose a different backstory for them. Each backstory will actually lower some stats, while increasing others. Since you start with ten of each stat before allocating Hero Points and choosing a backstory, you will never actually dip into the negatives.

You will choose a Backstory upon character creation

Village Idiot

  • Archetype: Thicc

Oh, you sweet large child. Blessed with looks, muscles, and exactly two brain cells that never call each other, you are made in the image of the gods. Specifically Bellothion, God of Himbos. You were always destined either for greatness or to be legally categorized as construction equipment.

  • Strength: +8
  • Intelligence: -3
  • Wisdom: -3

Raised By Elves

  • Archetype: Nimble

You really don’t like bringing it up, but you grew up in an Elven commune. A steady diet of uncooked leaves and tree sap has left you light on your feet but scrawny. Also, if you have to hear one more harp solo in your life, you’re gonna lose your gourd.

  • Dexterity: +4
  • Constitution: -4
  • Attunement: +2

Failed Monk

  • Archetype: Nerd

A powerful calling led you to leave your life behind and travel to a mountain monastery, where you could learn ancient teachings and contemplate the meaning of all things in peace. Then you emptied a chamber pot out the window and hit the head monk mid-yawn. Fearing that vows of nonviolence can only extend so far, you fled in the night, seeking another calling.

  • Strength: -4
  • Dexterity: -2
  • Intelligence: +3
  • Wisdom: +6

Recovering Inventory Hoarder

  • Archetype: Packrat

You once scrambled across your fantastical world, stuffing your pockets with every last candlestick and wheel of cheese you could sweep off the shelves. You’ve sworn off junk, but now your eye turns toward implements of destruction and their gleaming loot beams.

  • Dexterity: -2
  • Intelligence: +2
  • Constitution: -2
  • Attunement: +5

Rogue Alchemist

  • Archetype: Savvy

The Royal Alchemist Society strictly regulates transmutation magic. Screw those guys! You made a name for yourself hawking off-brand affordable jewelry, but are recently unemployed and on the run after the local baron discovered his new golden amulet was made of chocolate.

  • Dexterity: -2
  • Wisdom: +8
  • Constitution: -5
  • Attunement: +2


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