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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Best Stabbomancer and Spellshot Critical Gun Build

Jarrod Garripoli

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Trapscallion build, which is the combined classes of Spellshot and Stabbomancer, focusing on gun damage and critical hits.

Skill Tree - Stabbomancer

You will primarily be using the Stabbomancer’s one Action Skill, From the Shadows, here. This guarantees critical hits, which plays into the entire build, especially with some of the weapons you will be using. Basically, you’re looking at any skills that will increase your Gun Damage, like Arsenal, Swift Death, and Sneak Attack. Exploit Their Weakness will synergize with a skill in the Spellshot tree, so grab that, too. You will want to get Haste for the increased movement speed, then Elusive to allow yourself to sprint and shoot at the same time.

The Skill Trees for this build

Skill Tree - Spellshot

Start with Magic Bullets to make your spell damage convert into gun damage, then Prestidigitation to increase your reload speed. Font of Mana will increase both your spell and action skill cooldown (the latter is definitely more important). Mage Armor gives you survivability, since some of your weapons will have a low clip size, meaning you will be reloading often and gaining back that ward. If you wish to get more damage out of the build, then you can go Glass Cannon, but it’s important to remember the only way you’ll get ward back is via Spellweaving stacks.

Imbued Weapon is the synergy to Exploit Their Weakness, as any time you cast your spell (which will be often because of the synergy with action skill cooldown), your guns will do bonus damage based on that element (in this case, hopefully it’s dark magic). Of course, High Thread Count will increase the amount of Spellweaving stacks you can get, and One Slot, One Kill will increase your gun damage based on those stacks.

Hero Stats and Backstory

Since you will be using From The Shadows, you will not be needing any points in Dexterity, as the Action Skill guarantees critical hits. Being the case, you can put your points all into Strength from the start, then work on Attunement after to reduce your Action Skill Cooldown. If you want more survivability, then you can work on Constitution to increase your maximum health and ward. Obviously, the best Backstory here will be Village Idiot, due to the big boost to Strength it gets.


There are two spells you can use for this build, the Buffmeister. This legendary spell is a world drop only, and when used, will act as a general buff to your character, increasing the damage they do. It is not completely necessary, as it’s possible to use other spells to help out against mobbing, if you wanted. Your best bet to get one of these is to just do the Chaos Chamber over and over, then spend all of your crystals on the rabbit that spits out spells at the end. You will probably want to use this against bosses, but there’s another spell to go along with this build.

The Arcane Bolt is a great spell for this build, especially once you get the other pieces of gear to go along with it. The reason this is a great spell is because of its cooldown, as the Arcane Bolt has one of the shortest cooldowns in the game. Once you get the Theurge amulet mentioned under Equipment, then any time you cast a spell, you will get some Action Skill Cooldown, so you kind of get the point of this spell. Ideally, you want this spell in the dark magic variant, because of the skills mentioned above in the trees.


There are some strong weapons in this game, but this build will focus on the Blackpowder manufacturer, mostly pistols and shotguns. A particular one you’re looking for is the Riveter Sootcough Epic rarity, which will have decent damage and shoot multiple bullets with each shot. If you’re familiar with the older Borderlands games, this works similarly to the Masher type of weapon, where the pistol kind of acted like a shotgun. If you can get the thing on the bottom where crossbolts deal 3% increased damage for each one stuck in the target, you are golden.

(1 of 3) The Reign of Arrows is great for this build

Another pistol that works very well is the Masterwork Handbow. Critical hits with this one will make six bullets ricochet, as well as refill your clip, so you can continually shoot, especially during From the Shadows. Another weapon you can use is the Kettledrum, a shotgun that shoots a lot of pellets, especially if you can get a x21 or higher one. If you want to go even further, the Reign of Arrows is another shotgun you can use. While wielding this, you should see a symbol on the floor, which will be your designation for the special ability. Upon firing the weapon, a rain of arrows will hit that symbol, dealing a good amount of damage.

You’re not really going to be doing melee damage, but there are two melee weapons that have passive buffs on them. The first, the Goblin Pickaxe, basically makes it so you get Spell/Action Skill Cooldown whenever you pick up gold (as well as movement speed). If you can get Amp’d on the weapon, though, then you can amplify your next three gun attacks for the next ten seconds. The other melee weapon, the Frying Pan, will give you a bit of survivability, since it reduces bullet/projectile damage from the rear by 90% while holstered. If you melee with this weapon, then you gain a 90% chance to reflect incoming bullets (this becomes 15% while holstered).


Right away, the rings you will probably want to use are Mood Rings, as their special ability increases their effects whenever your Ward isn’t full. Preferably, you want Gun Damage on the top stat and stuff related to Pistol or Shotgun on the bottom (Action Skill can also work in the passives, too). Another ring you can use is the Championship Ring, as it allows you to increase its effects whenever you deal damage to a boss. For the Amulet, the Theurge is what you want here, since any time you use a spell, you will gain Action Skill Cooldown.

For Wards, you have two options here, either the Body Rune or the Cursed Wit. If you want maximum damage, then the Cursed Wit is a good choice, but you’re not going to have a ton of survivability with it. The Body Rune, however, will make you harder to kill, since you regain 15% health upon killing an enemy. For the Armor, the Smart Armor is ideal, as it increases your critical hit damage, at the cost of your critical hit chance. Since From the Shadows will be your go to Action Skill, you don’t need to worry about critical hit chance.


Ideally, you will want to focus on the Enchantments on your spell, ward, and melee weapon, since you will always be benefitting from them. Something like “On Action Skill Start,” you can have both increase Damage Dealt and increase Gun Damage. You can also include the Gun Damage one for “On Spell Cast.” If you’re using a weapon like the Catatumbo, then increasing Lightning Damage and/or Elemental Damage also works pretty well.


The majority of your damage from this build will be coming during From the Shadows. You will pop this, use your guns to deal the maximum damage during it, then come out of it. While not in From the Shadows, you will be casting the Arcane Bolt to help reduce the cooldown of From Your Shadows. You will want to avoid using the Reign of Arrows shotgun on regular enemies, as it can eat through your ammo quite quickly.The Catatumbo/Masterwork Handbow/epic rarity pistol will be your go-to weapons, as well as the Kettledrum shotgun. Reign of Arrows will likely be your weapon for bosses, although any of the others also work with this build.

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