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List of Curses in the Chaos Chamber

Jarrod Garripoli

The Chaos Chamber is an endgame piece of content that unlocks after completing the main story of the game. It can be quite difficult to players who aren’t expecting its structure, especially since there’s so many different things going on at once. One of the mechanics in the Chaos Chamber is the idea of Curses, which will present some sort of limitation or challenge, while increasing the amount of Rainbow Crystals that can drop. This page will focus on a list of the Curses, what they do, and some insight on if they’re detrimental or not.

Curses in the Chaos Chambers are only present at the end of the first room you complete, or if you choose the Dragon Lord portal. They come in three tiers: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Upon completing a room after going through the respective portal, the Dragon Lord will present you with a choice of one of two Curses at the end. Unfortunately, you do not know what a Curse does until you choose it, which presents the problem, since there’s a good number of Curses in the game. The difficulty of the Curse, in terms of rewards, only ups the chance for enemies to drop Rainbow Crystals, as well as increases the amount of bonus crystals.

(1 of 2) Pick the Dragon Lord portal at the end of a room

Pick the Dragon Lord portal at the end of a room (left), to be presented with a choice between two different Curses (right)

  • Easy Curse - +30% Bonus Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death
  • Medium Curse - +60% Bonus Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death
  • Hard Curse - +125% Bonus Crystals, +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemy Death

List of Easy Curses in the Chaos Chamber

Curse Description
Anarchy +25% Gun Damage, +100% Recoil, +100% Weapon Spread.
Critical Connoisseur -50% to all Damage, +50% to Crit Damage.
Encroaching Darkness Save Your Soul timer is reduced.
Party Time Killing an enemy has 10% chance to cause a Lootsplosion! Critical Kills guarantee an enemy will Lootsplosion.
Rend and Rupture Non-boss enemies below 15% total health glow blue, and explode into health potions if hit with melee.
Trust In Magic -50% Maximum Health, +100% Maximum Ward
Watch Your Step Encounters have additional traps

Most of the Easy set of Curses are not going to make or break anything, as they tend to be pretty subdued. If you have a Critical Hit build, then Critical Connoisseur can be a true boon to your damage. The only ones that might be a bit more annoying/not as good are Encroaching Darkness and Watch Your Step. The former basically reduces the time you have for a second wind in Save Your Soul mode (when you’re downed), which is bad if you happen to get downed often. The latter just adds more traps to the various rooms (outside of the main boss room, of course), which is more annoying than actually harmful.

You only get told what the Curse does after choosing it

List of Medium Curses in the Chaos Chamber

Curse Description
Break It Up! Enemy Damage and Fire Rate is increased 30% while near other enemies.
Frozen Vengeance Killing an enemy has a chance to release a Frost Buddy. Frost Orbs constantly release Frost Novas and are slowed when damaged.
Healing Vengeance Killing an enemy has a chance to release a healing soul. Healing the first enemy, and drops healing potions if killed.
Magma Breach A pool of lava will spawn after dealing or taking damage for a duration while not moving in encounters.
Nasty Spill Enemies drop elemental pools when their armor, wards, or health are depleted.
Nullify When damaged, enemies gain 3% damage reduction against the type of damage received for 3 seconds. This effect can stack up to 20 times.
Trapped Hearts When hit, enemies have a chance to spawn a spinner trap. Spinner traps emit damaging elemental beams. When destroyed, the spinner will explode and cause significant damage.
Workplace Hazards Non-boss encounters now have additional hazards.

Things ramp up a little bit more over the Easy set of Curses, with Nullify potentially being the worst of the bunch, especially if you aren’t killing enemies quickly. Frozen Vengeance can also be bad here, as the little Frost Orbs that appear will clutter up your screen and their novas can deal some constant damage to you. Despite the description for Trapped Hearts, the spinner traps are not that dangerous, as their beams don’t have a huge range, and you can use their explosion to deal some major damage to enemies. Healing Vengeance is definitely the weakest out of the ground, as the hearts that spawn move very slowly and are easy to kill, giving you a chance to litter the ground with health potions.

List of Hard Curses in the Chaos Chamber

Curse Description
Buff Buddies Enemies have a chance to spawn with a Buff Buddy supporting them.
Bulwark Buddies Enemies may be supported by a Bulwark Buddy, which grants immunity to all damage until it is destroyed.
Elemental Overflow Enemies may be infused with one element per encounter. Infused enemies are immune to that type of damage and release a Nova when killed. The element will change each encounter.
Out, Damned DOT! Status Effect Damage against enemies is reduced by 80%.
Rogue Lite You no longer enter Save Your Soul before dying. All enemies drop health potions upon death.
Searing Tether Nearby enemies are attached by a damaging elemental beam.
Spectral Vengeance Killing an enemy has a chance to release a Spectre, which follows after you. If a Spectre touches you, you instantly enter Save Your Soul.
Stay Back At close range, enemies will attach a damaging elemental beam to you.
Toothless -75% Critical Hit Damage

There are definitely a few Curses in the Hard set that can make things a lot more difficult on your end. The first one is Rogue Lite, which completely removes the Save Your Soul mechanic before you die, meaning you can no longer get a second wind and will automatically lose a life if you get downed. Bulwark Buddies is also highly annoying, as enemies will be completely immune to all damage until you destroy the little flying cube, which can be difficult to hit at times. Spectral Vengeance will spawn a little flying skull that will instantly put you into Save Your Soul if it happens to touch you. With how chaotic things can get at times, you might not even notice the skull coming after you.

(1 of 2) Buff Buddies are not too bad for a Hard Curse

Buff Buddies are not too bad for a Hard Curse (left), but Bulwark Buddies can be downright annoying to deal with during runs (right)

If you happen to be playing an elemental build, then Elemental Overflow can really mess things up, as enemies might become immune to the element you’re built around during a room. Toothless can just make fights last longer, especially for those built around critical hits. The other Curses aren’t too bad, since they don’t really do much to hinder your progress. Buff Buddies might seem dangerous, but you can still easily kill enemies; it’s just that enemies will deal more damage, so you will have to be extra careful.


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