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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Best Starting Stats for Clawbringer

Shane Williams

Whenever you create a new character in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you will be able to distribute a total of ten extra Hero Points to your stats. In addition to that, you will gain another Hero Point each time you level up. This page will detail the important stats for the Clawbringer class.

Overview of the Hero Points Screen.

Best Stats for Clawbringer

#1 - Strength

Strength increases the Critical Hit Damage you deal to enemies. If you want to build around critically hitting enemies, then you will always want to put points into Strength. Additionally, the Village Idiot Backstory is a great backstory, as that will give you a total of eight more points into Strength, at a cost of only removing three Intelligence hich isn’t overly important for

#2 - Wisdom

Wisdom increases the damage from status effects and elements. This is an important one to get leveled up if you are playing as Clawbringers, as fire attacks will be your primary way of dealing damage to enemies. You will probably want to focus on this stat for a good portion of the early game, before switching over to other stats from then.

#3 - Constitution

Constitution increases the character’s Maximum Health and Ward (the shield). Unless you want to go with a glass cannon build, this stat is pretty much important to all classes in the game. If you want survivability, put a point into this every few levels, even more so after focusing on Strength and Wisdom in the early portion of the game.

#4 - Attunement

Attunement increases the cooldown for your Action Skills. Since the focus of Clawsbringer is around Fire and Lightning Attacks you’ll want to get this leveled up so you can make use of it more often.



Intelligence increases the cooldown for your spells. Although this isn’t the focus of Clawbringers playstyle you’ll still want to get a few levels into this as spells are the replacement for grenades in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, so they are great to use alongside your normal attacks for extra damage.


Dexterity increases the Critical Hit Chance for everything you do in the game. This goes hand-in-hand with the Strength stat, since if you’re building up the chance to critically hit enemies.

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