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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

What Are Shrine Pieces and What Do They Do?

Shane Williams

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands contains a few collectibles to find in the Overworld and other open-world spaces you visit on your Bunkers and Badasses journey. This page will give an overview on one of those collectibles, the Shrine Pieces.

Shrines can be found in the Overworld.

How To Find Shrine Pieces?

Before you can activate a Shrines you’ll need to find Shrine Pieces related to that particular Shrine. As you approach the Shrine you’ll be shown how many pieces are required. The Pieces can be found by completing dungeons nearby the Shrine and some are locked behind certain Side Quests. You’ll know when you’re about to enter the right dungeon when Tina mentions that there is one inside.

How To See Active Buffs?

You may be wondering what types of buffs are currently active in your game after completing the Shrines, so head on over to your Journal to see the list of “Shrine Buffs” on the right of the screen. The ones grayed out means it is currently inactive.

What Types Of Shrines Are There?

Shrine Name Buff
Shrine of Grindanna +10% Experience Gain
Shrine of Mool Ah +10% Gold Gain
Shrine of Zoomios +15% Overworld Movement Speed
Shrine of Aaron G +25% Loot Luck
Shrine of the Crazed Earl +10% Moon Orb Gain
Shrine of Throatus Punchus +10% Crit Damage

There are six Shrines to find as you explore the Overworld on your journey through Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but you won’t be able to unlock all of them straight away, as certain sections are locked behind story progression. Each Shrine will buff up your Character, so you’ll want to work on getting these as soon as they become available.

Shrine of Grindanna Benefits

The Shrine of Grindanna increases the amount of experience the player gets by 10%, so you’ll want to get this one activated as soon as possible, as it’ll help prevent you from being underleveled for certain areas and will allow you to get stuck into the Chaos Chambers as soon as you wrap up the story. Also, being a few levels above the requirement will help make the enemies/bosses slightly easier.

Shrine of Mool Ah Benefits

The Shrine of Mool Ah is another one you’ll want to get activated as soon as possible, as it’ll increase the amount of Gold you acquire by 10%. This will be extremely useful during the early portion of the game, as you’ll want to purchase new weapons from the Vending Machines and upgrade your SDUs to allow you hold more Ammo or increase your Backpack Capacity.

Shrine of Aaron Benefits

The Shrine of Aaron should definitely be your next focus after Grindanna and Mool Ah as this will increase your Loot Luck by 25%. This is great to have early, as it gives you more of a chance to see Legendary Weapon/Spell drops which will help you take down tougher enemies quickly. If you already have the Shrine of Grindanna Active, then you’ll be able to kill more enemies faster which means more XP.

Shrine of Throatus Punchus Benefits

The Shrine of Throatus Punchus will increase your Critical Hit Damage by +10% which is worth activating for all classes at some point in the game, but if your build is heavily dependent on it, then you’ll want to get it as soon as it’s available.

Shrine of Zoomios Benefits

The Shrine of Zoomios will increase your Overworld Movement Speed by 15%. This isn’t overly important until you’ve unlocked a large portion of the Overworld during the later portion of the game, as you’ll be spending a large amount of time looking for Collectibles which are hidden all over.

Shrine of the Crazed Earl

The Shrine of the Crazed Earl will increase Moon Orb Gain by 10%. You’ll receive a minor amount of Moon Orbs as you progress through the story, so you wont need to worry about getting this one until you’ve finished the Main Story. However, make sure to get this Shrine Active once you’ve unlocked the Chaos Chambers, as Moon Orbs will drop more often as you keep repeating the dungeons.

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