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Best Graveborn and Brr-Zerker Action Skill Build

Jarrod Garripoli
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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to build your characters however you want, but there are certain builds that tend to be better than just haphazardly throwing one together. This page will be dedicated to looking at the Brr-Reaver build, which is the combined classes of Graveborn and Brr-Zerker, focusing around the Dire Sacrifice action skill and utilizing it to its fullest.

Skill Tree - Graveborn

As already mentioned, you will be using the Dire Sacrifice Action Skill as one of your main sources of damage for this build. It takes some of your HP and the amount used is added to your damage, so you will be building your health up as high as possible. The build will also be using companions to help with killing, which will contribute to the lessening of the cooldown of Dire Sacrifice. Start off with points into Faithful Thralls, as well as two points into Essence Drain. Dark Pact should be next, as well as Harvest. Invest two points into Dark Hydras, then the full points into Ascension.

The skill trees for this build

Skill Tree - Brr-Zerker

This is the tree where you will be putting the majority of your points into it. Start with Ancestral Frost, then go with Ice Breaker, The Old Ways, and a single point into Instinct. Unarmored Defense is going to be a big part here, as a lot of health will be gained from this skill. Blood Frenzy is next, with it helping to keep you alive. Ancient Fury will give you more health, plus the Area Damage boost will help with Dire Sacrifice. Round out the final two skills with Blast Chill, then the capstone, Blood of the Fallen.

Hero Stats and Backstory

Since you will be worrying about increasing your maximum health as much as possible in this build, Constitution is what you should max first. Wisdom is also a good stat here, since you will be inflicting a lot of status effects. Once you max those two, you can put the rest of the points into Attunement to get your Action Skill Cooldown down more.


There isn’t a specific spell that is really going to set off this build, but you can go with any of the Hydra spells, since that means more companions and therefore, more damage. Any of the Hydra spells will work here, so there’s no need to go after a specific one.


This build is going to depend on the Feriore set of guns, which can spawn companions if you have the correct one. Specifically, you want the weapons to come in the Frost element, since you are going to be building in this direction. If you want to maximize your damage, then try to hunt down the ones that turn into Pixies, since they scale off of spell damage, although the Hydra ones are also good to use (you want Fearnot pistols). Most of these will be purple, but you can also use the Fragment Rain legendary SMG; it just needs to have the ability to summon companions when thrown. It might be a good idea to have different weapon types here, so you’re not just concentrating on a single ammo type and might find yourself out of ammunition.

(1 of 2) The Fearnot pistol is ideal, with a Frost version being the one you want for this build

The Fearnot pistol is ideal, with a Frost version being the one you want for this build (left), Fragment Rain is a great legendary for this build (right)

For the melee weapon, a Snake Stick is something you might want to look into getting. Using this will help in proccing the Blast Chill skill, which in turn will increase your damage thanks to the Ice Breaker skill. Another cool thing about this weapon is that melee attacks will spawn a Hydra companion that lasts for six seconds. One thing you want to worry about is that the Snake Stick is Frost elemental, as that will contribute to your overall build. Note that getting Echo on your melee weapon (at the bottom) is another bonus, as all of the damage you have done can be used in a melee strike to deal extra damage, especially against bosses.


One of the biggest pieces of equipment for this build is the Warped Paradigm, but you need a few things for it to be right. First, the special effect needs to have Spell Damage listed last, and the prefix should be Reaver’s, as this should put Ascension as one of the bonus skills (preferably, you want three added points for this). The rings you want are ones with Spell Damage as the main stat on them, as this will not only mesh with the Warped Paradigm, but just makes everything flow together nicely once the things are in place.

The Warped Paradigm is what you want for this build

For the other items, the Master Rune will be the ideal shield here, since it carries a high capacity and it also increases Companion Damage. A good Amulet to use is the Frenzied Wrath, as it will give your companions more damage whenever you or a companion kills an enemy. Likewise, the Overflow Bloodbag is another option, as whenever your health is full, dark magic siphoning will increase your maximum health, so that will mean more damage from Dire Sacrifice.


For this build, going with Enchantments that focus on when your Action Skill starts or is active is the way to go. Increasing Companion Damage, Dark Magic Damage, Damage Dealt, and Frost/Elemental Damage is ideal. There is also a Graveborn specific Enchant that increases your Dark Magic and Dark Magic Efficiency for 10 seconds that can be used, if you can manage to get it. Remember that you will always have your spell, ward and melee weapon active, so make sure you have the more important Enchantments on those.


So, whenever you are doing normal enemies, Dire Sacrifice is the ideal Action Skill to use, since it hits more enemies. However, this skill is not the best against bosses, so you could probably switch to Reaper of Bones. Either way, companions will be one of your key components in this build, especially when doing normal mobs, in conjunction to the Dire Sacrifice skill. With all of the buffs from your skills, your health should be pretty high, so you should be dealing a lot of damage with your action skill.


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you'd need to show the weapon names in the gear image screenshot which it doesn't even show at all, just the items, but not the names of the items for the build minus the armor needed for it.

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you'd need to show the weapon names in the gear image screenshot which it doesn't even show at all, just the items, but not the names of the items for the build minus the armor needed for it.

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