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Optional Objective/s
1. Kidnap the corrupt policemen without being detected.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,100 £ Bonus: 150 £
XP: 850 XP Bonus: 150 XP
Gear: Unique Materials: Dinosaur Talon

Part 1: Kidnap the Target

After kicking off the memory, follow Nightingale down the street a short distance and she’ll point out the location of a corrupt policeman whom we’ll need to kidnap.

The policeman is in a graveyard filled to the brim with other policemen. Use your Eagle Vision to tag both the target and the assortment of law enforcement mingling about the area. Obviously we can’t just waltz in and grab him, however there is a nice location that we can access that he will patrol through on occasion by himself. How foolish!

You’ll find this location in the southwestern corner of the cemetery. There is a tomb, walls and a gravestone here, all of which can be used as cover whilst waiting for the target. As he walks by you, move up and grab him.

Grab the policeman is in the southwest corner of the area (left). Once you have him, escort him from the area (right).

Once you have grabbed him, you’ll need to escort the target slowly from the area as to avoid detection – the exit is located down a short set of stairs in the center of the northern wall of the cemetery. Due to the heavy police presence and the narrow areas in which we have to maneuver, we’ll want to move at a turtle’s pace to keep our detection radius small. As per usual, you’ll want to move slowly around stationary guards and time your movement past enemy patrol patterns so that we won’t raise suspicions.

After exiting the cemetery with the policeman, take him back to Nightingale for a short conversation. This will update our objectives.

Part 2: Find and Defend the Ally

Once our objectives are updated we’ll need to get ourselves a vehicle. Hijack or hop into a nearby cart and Nightingale will follow. Drive the cart over to the new objective marker via the GPS route on the road.

Upon arrival at the destination, you’ll find a small, green search area atop a restricted area on the mini-map. Hit Eagle vision to locate your target.

Enter the building and sneak up the first flight of stairs. Kill the Blighter at the top. Move to the next floor and sneak up and double assassinate the enemies looking over the target. Interact with the fellow on the bed.

You’ll find Darwin on the top floor (left). Kill the Blighters (right) and then defend him.

At this point, Nightingale will hang out on the top floor with the bedridden fellow and unfortunately, the Templars are clued into our presence and will send a few waves of attackers to try and stop us.

If left unattended, the Templars will ignore us completely and immediately go and attack our allies. As this is the case, it is very important that you keep your eye on the lot of them so that you know where all of them are at any one time and make sure you quickly attack any enemies that stray away to keep them from your friends.

There are two waves of Templars, the first consists of two enemies and the second wave will consist of three. Simply engage them on the stairs or on the second floor to keep them away from the allies.

After the second wave of attackers have been dealt with, you’ll be able to return upstairs and pick up the injured ally. We’ll have to carry him down to the awaiting cart outside.

As you reach the ground floor, another group of Templars (four in total this time) will appear outside. Place your buddy on the ground and head out to deal with them.

Once all of the Templars have been dealt with, head back to our friend, pick him up and place him in the cart. This will end the memory.

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