Perks refer to a series of challenges that the game asks you to undertake in order to unlock some permanent passive bonuses for our assassins. There are 29 Perks in the game and they provide an array of tasks and numerous useful rewards, so are most definitely worth attempting. You can check out your current progress towards each perk by checking out the ‘Perks’ menu found inside the ‘Progression log’.

Below you’ll find a list of perks, what you’ll need to do to unlock them and the reward that they give.

01. Double Kill

Task: Perform a multi-finisher on two enemies (40 times).

Reward: Increases Lethality by 2.

02. Triple Kill

Task: Perform a multi-finisher on three enemies (25 times).

Reward: Increases Lethality by 2.

03. Quadra Kill

Task: Perform a multi-finisher on four enemies (20 times).

Reward: Increases Lethality by 2.

04. Combat Mastery

Task: Kill 4 enemies in less than 12 seconds (25 times).

Reward: Slightly increases your overall damage.

05. Absolutely Stunning

Task: Break an enemy’s guard and stun them (75 times).

Reward: Increases stun duration 25%.

06. No Touchbacks

Task: Hit enemies 20 times in a row without being damaged (25 times).

Reward: Slightly increase your overall damage.

07. Headshot

Task: Perform a headshot whilst free aiming (50 times).

Reward: Increases Critical Hit damage.

08. Ledge Kill

Task: Kill an enemy with a contextual ledge finisher (25 times).

Reward: Slightly increases the damage caused by contextual attacks.

09. Near Death Recovery

Task: Survive a fight after entering a critical state (50 times).

Reward: Speeds up health regeneration.

10. Multi-Counter Kill

Task: Perform a multi-counter kill (50 times).

Reward: Increases counter attack damage.

11. Fancy Moves

Task: Perform a combo using a gun or knife (75 times).

Reward: Increases damage caused by a gun or knife when used in a combo.

12. Countershot

Task: Countershot two ranged attacks in under 10 seconds (25 times).

Reward: Increases the damage caused by counter shots.

13. Brace for Impact

Task: Destroy a carriage by ramming into it (25 times).

Reward: Slightly increases the damage when ramming another vehicle.

14. Road Rage

Task: Kill two enemies with a carriage in less than 25 seconds (25 times).

Reward: Increases damage enemies receive when hit by your carriage.

15. London Drift

Task: Turn five corners while drifting using the brake (75 times).

Reward: Increases control of the vehicle while boosting.

16. Gone Lawing

Task: Hijack a police carriage (50 times).

Reward: Increases the acceleration of police vehicles.

17. Riding Shotgun

Task: Kill an enemy with your gun while standing on top of a moving carriage (50 times).

Reward: Increases the damage caused by guns while you are driving.

18. Death by Rook

Task: Have a Rook kill an enemy (50 times).

Reward: Slightly increases allies’ hit points.

19. Wanton Destruction

Task: Destroy four destructibles in less than 15 seconds (75 times).

Reward: Increases the damage when you ram another vehicle.

20. Double Air Assassinate

Task: Double air assassinate two enemies (25 times).

Reward: Slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations.

21. Cover Assassinate

Task: Assassinate an enemy while using cover (75 times).

Reward: Slightly decreases the noise you make as you move.

22. Shoot the Messenger

Task: Kill a Lookout before they trigger an alarm (15 times).

Reward: Lookouts take longer to detect you.

23. Assassination

Task: Assassinate an enemy with the hidden blade (120 times).

Reward: Perform knockouts faster.

24. Electrifying

Task: Stun four enemies with a single Voltaic Bomb (50 times).

Reward: Increases Voltaic Bomb damage.

25. Vanish in Smoke

Task: Use a smoke bomb to end combat, then vanish (25 times).

Reward: Allows Smoke Bombs to last longer.

26. Knife Kill

Task: Use a throwing knife to kill an enemy from cover (75 times).

Reward: Increase throwing knife damage.

27. Zipline Assassin

Task: Assassinate an enemy from zipline (25 times).

Reward: Slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations.

28. Vanish

Task: Become anonymous after having entered combat (25 times).

Reward: Become anonymous faster after a conflict.

29. Flawless Fighter

Task: Kill four or more enemies in the same conflict without being harmed (50 times).

Reward: Increases the time allowed to perform a counter attack.


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