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Optional Objective/s
1. Kill 5 enemies with hanging barrels.
2. Kill the target with an air assassination.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,000 £ Bonus: 75 £
XP: 2,000 XP Bonus: 100 XP
Gear: Capes: Thrifty Cloak

Part 1: Infiltrate the Train Yard

This memory sequence will have us controlling Evie for the first time. For the most part Evie controls in exactly the same way as Jacob (and will for a little while). This memory acts as a little bit more of an introduction to some of the stealthier techniques on offer.

From the beginning, we’ll be on a train and be tasked with moving up to the locomotive. Evie will be in cover behind a crate to start and you’ll be prompted to use your whistle. This will draw the nearby guard to your location where you can spring him for a cover assassination.

Moving to the next car will have a throw prompt pop up on the screen. Use this to aim a throwing knife and hit the Thug ahead in the head for an instant kill. Move up a few more carriages and you’ll get another button prompt appear on screen, mash the button (Y/Triangle) to perform a quick throw.

Use whistle to lure enemies into assassinations (left). Head shots with the throwing knives will kill most enemies (right).

Move up until you see a pair of guards below. Use your knives or an air assassination/assassination to take them down. Press on until you spot the next pair of guards atop the carriage ahead. Here you can climb up and attack them directly, or hang from the side of the train and pull them down undetected with a ledge assassination.

The subsequent carriage has a Thug inside leaning up against a window and a chest that contains some money/throwing knives. Climb along the right hand side of the train and pull the guard out of the window for a ledge assassination. Head inside to claim the chest before continuing.

When you reach the objective marker at the front of the train. Interact with the coupling here to detach the cars from the locomotive. A scene will play.

Once you regain control of Evie, you’ll find yourself in a train yard. Wait a few moments for the group of guards nearby to run off. When it’s safe to do so, whistle over the fellow in front of you for a cover assassination and then do in the other Thug ahead before climbing the crane here with the objective marker at the top.

Eliminate the enemies (left) and climb to the vantage point (right)

From the crane, dive into the haystack below. Wait for the guard here to come close before assassinating him from cover. Pop out of the haystack and take out the fellow on the opposite platform. There are a lot of enemies at ground level ahead, so to keep it safe, it’s a good idea to stick to high locations.

If you climb up onto the train parked here and look over to the right, you’ll see a set of hanging barrels. Hit these with a throwing knife to bring them crashing down on the enemies below. Move over and finish off any survivors.

Climb up to the walkway above and climb to the rooftop. Work towards the far end and you’ll find a walkway leading to another building and then across to a third adjacent building overpassing the train track. Wait for a guard to appear below and walk into the next building, drop down and eliminate him.

Continue out the next door and assassinate the other guard on the walkway here. You’ll also find a second set of hanging barrels off the platform to the left. Hit those with a knife to add to your hanging barrel kill total.

Use the hanging barrels to kill enemies below.

Now before entering the next large building we have a couple of options. There are numerous entry points to the building here, but our objective appears in a room on the second floor on the far eastern side of the area.

To enter we can either:

  • Work our way through the interior of the building, making sure to use Eagle vision to identify enemies. We’ll need to avoid or kill the couple of Thugs lurking about as you make your way through the building, up the stairs and to the indicated room on the top floor of the building.
  • Climb to the roof and find the balcony halfway down the eastern side of the building. Kill the Thug outside, enter and loot a chest here. Climb the stairs in the room to the left to find the target area.
  • Climb to the roof and drop down onto the top floor via one of the open skylights and sneak into the room with the objective marker.

Anyway, once you are inside the building and you have found the target room, you’ll find two Thugs speaking with a prisoner. Sneak in behind them and throw a smoke grenade at them as prompted before moving in and attacking them. Once both are down a scene will play.

The easiest entry is via a balcony on the eastern side of the building (left). Find the target inside and kill his captors (right).

Part 2: Infiltrate the Hidden Laboratory

Head back to the building on the southwest side of the area (we climbed up here to use the raised walkway earlier). Inside you’ll find three guards. One of these guards has a key that we require, so use your Eagle vision to determine which guard it is we need to steal from.

Now you can either try to be sneaky, wait for him to start walking around, sneak up on him and hold the steal button (B / Circle) to pinch the Key undetected or alternatively drop in and kill the three guards before looting the corpse of the fellow with the key to acquire it.

With the key in hand, we now need to find and enter the secret laboratory. To do this, you are going to want to make your way over to the large semi-circular building at the far end of the area from where we initially started.

After pickpocketing the key (left) make your way over to the building with the secret lab (right).

There are three entrances to this structure and our ultimate goal is located on the far southern end of the building. You can either:

  • Use the open doorway or the tunnel at ground level. Both of these options will deposit you inside the building at ground level where you can either work your way through the patrolling and stationary Thugs or climb to the walkways near the top of the room and head for the objective location in a much sneakier (and less painful manner).
  • Use the open window on the inward facing side of the structure and work your way across the girders/supports and walkways at the top of the building until you reach the target location at the southern end of the structure.

When you do reach the southern end of the interior, you’ll see a guard standing against a doorway. Bang on your Eagle vision to find that this doorway is our secret entrance. Drop down and kill the enemy before interacting with the door to continue.

Enter the lift inside and throw the switch to ride it down to the next area.

Part 3: Assassinate the Target

Once you have double assassination unlocked, sneak up and perform a double assassination on the pair of guards with their backs to you.

Look to the right to find a ramp leading to the next room – either whistle down and kill or plant a throwing knife in the skull of the guard in the doorway here before continuing. Double assassinate another pair of guards with their backs turned inside.

Hop onto the pipes here and follow the set path across the small platforms, pipes and water until you reach the end of the area. Note that there is a chest on the right side as you go through this area, so be sure to check it out if you are interested. As you proceed through the hallway here a cut-scene will play revealing our target.

Drop down from the open window at the end of the hallway and deal with the guard in the room below. Climb up to the raised walkway with the pair of Thugs at the other end of the room. Wait for them to walk off before following them.

Assassinate the fellow that head left, and the Thug facing the wall nearby before moving after the second guard who walked off to the right. You should catch up to him near a set of stairs leading down to the lower level. We’ll ignore these and once we have dispatched the Thug, climb a nearby ladder to the top of the room.

Climb to the top of the room (left) and air assassinate the target from one of the girders (right).

This location features numerous metal supports and girders. Simply navigate across these until the assassination target is below. Line him up with the center of the screen and as soon as his aura turns red, hit the attack button to air assassinate him. A scene will play.

Part 4: Escape the Laboratory

As soon as the scene ends, the game will point you towards a newly opened door. Run through here and sprint through the tunnels ahead following the objective markers. Climb out of the water when you are deposited in it and slide under the rubble at the end of the path to reach relative safety.

Squeeze through the gap in the rubble ahead and then continue through the set path until you slide beneath some more debris. Afterwards, climb up the wall here to reach the exit. This will end the memory.

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A Simple Plan

Complete Memory Sequence 2.

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