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Optional Objective/s
1. Perform a leap of faith into a haystack from a zip line.
2. Counter all of the Templar’s melee strikes.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 900 £ Bonus: 125 £
XP: 500 XP Bonus: 150 XP
Gear: Outfits: Lady Melyne’s Gown

Part 1: Investigate the Monument

From the start of the memory you’ll be on a rooftop overlooking a monument and a gathering below. As you can see, the area is guarded by police and there is quite a crowd gathered around their location. Our objective in this initial section lies beneath the stage that the woman is speaking from.

To get there without drawing attention, find the haystack at the far side of the square. Make your way down to ground level and hop into this. Hide in the haystack and observe the police, all but one of them is facing the crowd and will not spot you if you walk into the restricted area, the exception is a single patroller who’ll walk back and forth along the front of the stage.

Make a run from the haystack (left) under the platform (right) when the patroler walks away.

Wait for the patrolling policeman to look away before hopping out of the haystack and crouch walking your way over and under the platform. Examine the shining panel on the wall here.

Backtrack out from under the platform whilst avoiding the patroller again. Climb to the top of a nearby rooftop and use the vantage point to Rope Launch your way across to the monument. Climb to the very top.

After a short scene, our objectives will update.

When you are back in control, look down to spot the haystack we used earlier below. Use the Rope Launcher to target a ledge behind the haystack before maneuvering above it and perform a leap of faith into it from the zip line – this will also complete our first optional objective!

After climbing to the top of the monument (left), use a zipline to perform a leap of faith into a haystack below (right) for the optional objective.

Once you are back on the ground, grab a nearby cart and make your way to the next objective marker to continue.

Part 2: Find and Solve the Puzzle

The objective marker will take us to St. Paul’s Cathedral. A search area will appear around the western side of the building. Climb up to the roof and use your Eagle Vision on the base of the statue of the woman that is located directly above the building’s western entrance.

Interact with the panel here. This will activate a rotation puzzle and to complete this, we need to rotate all of the gears so that the symbols match up on each adjacent gear. We can solve this using the following steps:

  • Rotate the top gear to the right five times. The angular ‘l’ shape with the circle should face the gear below.
  • Rotate the gear attached to the top gear to the left twice. The angular ‘l’ shape with the circle should face the gear above and three circles should face the gear below.
  • Rotate the gear in the bottom left corner to the left five times. The three circles should face the gear above and the back to front ‘E’ should face the gear on the right.
  • Rotate the gear to the right left twice. The back to front ‘E’ should face the gear to the left, the ‘69’ should be facing the gear above and the triangle to the gear below.
  • Rotate the lower right hand gear to the left four times so that the ‘69’ is facing the gear below.
  • Rotate the middle right hand gear to the right four times so that the triangle is facing the gear above.

Climb to the top of St. Paul’s (left) to locate a puzzle. Rotate the gears until you reach the solution pictured (right).

This should solve the puzzle. A scene will play once successfully completed. Climb to the top of the building to reach the waypoint. Examine the pedestal inside for another scene.

Part 3: Fight the Templar

Once the scene is done, you’ll be in a one-on-one fight with a boss-type encounter.

Your opponent will for the most part throw single attacks your way, but upon taking various amounts of damage, she’ll transition to a cut-scene style attack where she will unleash 3-4 attacks at you in quick succession which can be difficult to counter until you get your timing down. There’s no real tactic to this, it’s a matter of playing it and practicing until you are able to pull it off successfully. She’ll enter this cut-scene mode several times before she goes down.

This fight is fairly straightforward but can be a little frustrating whilst trying to complete the optional objective of countering everything without taking a hit. This is because occasionally, if you get too close to walls, the camera will bounce around, making it hard to focus on the enemy. Additionally, on occasion the counter icon above the enemy’s head does not always show up in time to be able to counter incoming attacks, resulting in damage.

Climb to the top of the cathedral and enter the small room (left). Whilst fighting the Templar, ensure that you counter all of her attacks (right) for the optional objective.

If you are going for the optional objective to counter all of her attacks, it will take multiple attempts. If she does strike you, quickly reload the previous checkpoint to begin again.

Once you have defeated her a scene will play to end the memory.

You can use the lever on the wall here to open a window to escape.

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