Detection States

There are three different states that our protagonists can find themselves in when it comes to enemies being aware of their presence, and these states dictate their actions towards the player character. The current state can be identified by the color of a small ring that appears around the main character. The states include:


This state is represented by a clear white ring around the player character. In this state the guards will ignore Evie/Jacob and will only respond or become aggressive when they observe actions that they deem illegal e.g. finding dead bodies, catching you pickpocketing etc. This state is represented by blue.


This state is represented by a yellow ring surrounding the protagonist. When under investigation guards suspicious of you will gain a triangular yellow marker above their heads and will move towards you. If you let them get too close, the yellow marker will slowly fill to red and if it completely turns to red, they will become aggressive and you’ll enter open conflict. However, if you can break eye contact with the guard and hide or blend they will quickly lose interest.


In open conflict guards will be marked with red icons and will attack you on sight. You’ll need to kill them all or run away, break line of sight and then hide until they lose interest.

Yellow indicates you have been spotted (left). When the indicators turn red, enemies will attack (right).

Last Known Position and Escaping Conflict

Obviously, having opposing gang members or policemen chasing you whilst you are trying to complete a mission is going to make said mission much more difficult. As such we want to be able to lose the unwanted attention as quickly as possible when we need to.

You will notice that for the duration of a wanted rating, players will be able to see enemies on the mini-map as red blips. To lose chasers, you need to break line of sight with our pursuers. Doing so will leave a ghostly representation of your last known position that the hostiles will come to investigate. This will also create a small, circular search area around the last known position marker.

Avoiding enemy eye contact and leaving the search area undetected or finding a hiding place such as a chair, haystack or curtain and sitting inside for a few moments will help you to become anonymous again.

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