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Optional Objective/s
1. Find the secret passage.
Reward/s . . .
Money: 2,490 £ Bonus: 125 £
XP: 3,500 XP Bonus: 150 XP
Gear: Outfits: Master Assassin (Jacob)

Part 1: Vantage Point and Opportunities

This is the fourth core ‘assassination’ memory that we’ll come across in the main campaign and is tied into the backdrop of bank heist setting to make things even cooler. Unlike the previous assasination levels, we’ll begin at a vantage point overlooking the Bank of England from the very start of the memory. Here we’ll get a set of three hints for the task ahead. Use the Eagle Vision ability after the pop up disappears to find and tag both opportunity icons. The options include:

  • The Bank Manager – Stealth Opportunity.
  • The Head of Security – Unique Kill Opportunity.
  • The Vault Watcher – Assistance Opportunity.
    As with the previous assassinations, it is not necessary to complete these tasks, you can do one, you can do all or you can do your own thing and do none of the above. Below is a short guide as to what each can do for you and how to accomplish their tasks. To continue with the walkthrough, jump down to the heading for Part 2: Assassination Strategy .

As sson as you start the memory (left), you’ll have all of the opportunities presented to you (right).

The Bank Manager – Stealth Opportunity

The Bank Manager can be found in an office just to the right of the vault door (when facing the vault). We can access this room via an open window on the exterior of the building. If we can sneak up and kidnap him, we’ll be able to enter the vault without the other police getting suspicious.

The Head of Security – Unique Kill Opportunity

The Head of Security is located on a lower level room to the left of the vault (when facing the vault. There is an open skylight on the roof that we can enter from. If we can sneak up and kidnap him, he’ll give us a little bit of information about the target, which will also unlock a unique kill opportunity.

The Vault Watcher – Assistance Opportunity

The vault Watcher stands just to the left of the vault. We can kill him to prevent him from locking the vault door if you are detected.

Part 2: Assassination Strategy

This strategy is the easiest and quickest to pull off the assassination whilst also completing all of the optional objectives for 100% synchronization on the mission.

As this guide is geared towards getting you 100% synchronization as fast as possible we’ll be completely ignoring all three opportunities provided to us by the memory listed above and instead we’ll be doing our own thing. That’s because the secret passage route is much, much faster and easier than the alternatives.

To begin with, we’ll need to climb to the rooftop of the bank. Here, you’ll want to find the smaller of the two dome-like structures on the roof, this particular one is located on the southern side. One of its windows is open. Enter here and work your way to the direct opposite side of the room, right above the open door at ground level (FYI we want to get in here). From the position on the balcony, if you look into the room below, there is a policeman right in front of the door and another in the target room.

When the fellow in the main room starts patrolling off, drop down quietly and head inside. Either sneak over and knock out the guard inside, or make straight of the stairs on the left side of the room. On this upper walkway, near a series of bookshelves you’ll find an open doorway leading to an empty elevator shaft that we can climb down.

Find the smaller dome on the south side of the roof (left) for an entry point. Inside, enter the library and climb the stairs (right) to find the secret passage.

At the bottom, slide through the grating at ground level, continue for a distance down a tunnel and again slide beneath a grating at the end. This will bring us to a room peering out onto the ground floor of the bank vault.

Use your Eagle Vision to tag the enemies here and be patient. Eventually the assassination target will patrol into the hallway just outside of the room we entered. As he does, run out and assassinate him for a scene.

Continue through the secret passage until you reach the vault (left). Whistle the target over when he gets in range for a corner assassination (right).

Part 3: Escape

As soon as the scene ends, you should see a green objective marker appear nearby on the ground floor of the vault. This is a brand new exit to the area. Work your way over here to find an open gate to an elevator. Step on the marker inside and use your Rope Launcher to climb up the shaft.

There is an enemy at the exit here we can assassinate from behind and another group of three Thugs in the courtyard outside. Kill them all before Rope Launching up to the roof and out of the restricted area to end the memory.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

A Run on the Bank

Complete Memory Sequence 6.

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