Optional Objective/s
1. Do not kill anyone whilst placing explosives.
2. Rescue all children in under 2 minutes (3 children).
Reward/s . . .
Money: 1,160 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 500 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Brass Knuckles: Copper Love

Part 1: Infiltrate and Plant Dynamite

After the intro, hop into the nearby cart. Steer it to the objective marker nearby. When you arrive, exit the vehicle and again follow Roth until you reach a rooftop during which a conversation will take place to update your objectives.

Our goal here is to enter the heavily guarded position below, pick up some dynamite crates and place them in some target areas.

Before we begin, note that stealthing our way through this area to complete the objectives is ridiculously difficult unless you thin out the enemy numbers. If you are going for the optional objectives however, that means we can’t be killing any one - fortunately, knock outs are okay though so feel free to use those liberally… And you should.

Use Eagle Vision to tag all of the enemies and work your way through the area, picking off isolated enemies one at a time and knocking them out. You’ll definitely want to deal with the enemies at ground level immediately around the central building, but should also take down some of the patrollers on the paths a little further back. If you get spotted, quickly use your Rope Launcher to reach the rooftops and break line of sight or use one of the haystacks or other hiding places around the area to avoid detection until you become anonymous once again.

Use Eagle Vision to tag the enemies guarding the building (left). Place the crates on the objective markers provided (right).

After clearing out enough guards to be able to access one of the stashes of dynamite crates, if you pick one up, four green objective markers will appear around the mall building in the center of this area. We need to plant four crates of dynamite at these four locations. Note that it is possible (but a little tricky) to throw the crates into the specified locations, which is useful if there are enemies about.

Once you have planted all four crates of dynamite, return to Roth on the nearby rooftop for a scene.

Part 2: Evacuate the Building

As soon as the scene ends, you’ll find yourself at ground level and the building ahead will be on fire. There are several people inside that we need to rescue.

Upon arriving at the burning workshop, jump into the building through the broken window to the right of the doorway. Immediately Run to the far side of the room opposite the window and interact with the glowing door to break it down. This will allow almost everyone to get out.

Enter the house building via the window (left). Pick up the children (right) and carry them outside.

Unfortunately, there are additional unconscious workers in here whom we will need to pick up, carry out the now open door way and drop off at an objective marker by the exit. We’ll have to do this three times, so make sure you run back and forth to save yourself some time whilst going for the optional objective. Note that if you have not knocked everybody out, you’ll have to fight off a few thugs whilst you rescue the children – so dispatch them as quickly as you can.

Once you have dropped off the final unconscious child, the memory will be completed.


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