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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
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First Published: 14-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 27-08-2019 / 05:38 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 18-09-2019 / 07:52 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Guide

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Sequence 05

Memory 06 - The Lady with the Lamp

Note: You’ll probably be wondering where Memory 05 is. Fear not, Memory 05 is actually the final Memory in this Sequence and as such you’ll need to complete both Memory 06 and 07 before you can play it. As such, Memory 05 is listed as the final Memory in this sequence.

Optional Objective/s
1. Do not kill the peddler.
2. Hijack the Pharmacist's cart within 1 minute.
Money: 500 £ Bonus: 100 £
XP: 300 XP Bonus: 125 XP
Gear: Schematic: Medicine Efficacy II

Note: This mission is a timed mission – you’ll need to complete all of the objectives and return to the starting location within 8 minutes. As such, you’ll want to use a cart to get between locations to save yourself some time!

Part 1: Pickpocket the Target

From the start of the mission, hop into the nearby carriage and steer it over to the first green objective marker.

As you arrive at the objective, the green marker will transform into a search area. Enter the marketplace encompassed by the search field and use your Eagle Vision to locate the target.

Note: There is an objective here that requires us to not kill the peddler.

Completing the optional objective is actually quite easy. You’ll notice that the peddler is standing with his back to a wooden fence. If you approach his location from behind the aforementioned fence, you’ll find a section with several missing palings, creating a small gap in the fence.

Sneakthrough the hole in the fence by the marketplace (left) and pickpocket the peddler (right).

We can sneak through the gap in the fence, stealth up behind the peddler and pickpocket the required item from him to complete the first objective.

Return to the street, grab another cart and head for the next objective marker.

Part 2: Defend the Target

As you arrive at the next objective, we’ll be met with another search area in an alleyway. Move in to investigate and you’ll see some Thugs beating on a man on the ground – he’s our target!

We’ll need to eliminate the group of four Thugs and if you aren’t so confident with your fighting ability when it comes to melee, you can either attack from a rooftop for an air assassin or two or, if you are running low on time, approach from the ground but use some throwing knives as you approach to thin the numbers a little.

After defeating the enemies, speak to the pharmacist. This will update your objectives.

Part 3: Carriage Pursuit

As soon as you are finished conversing with the pharmacist, a bad guy will take off with his cart. Unfortunately, we’ll need that to complete the memory. As such, sprint out to the road and grab the nearest cart in order to give chase.

As you do, use the boost ability to make up ground. When you get into range, climb up onto the roof of the cart and leap across to the enemy vehicle to hijack it.

After rescuing the pharmacist (left), chase down his cart and hijack it (right).

Note: We’ll need to hijack the pharmacist’s cart in less than 1 minute in order to satisfy the second optional objective.

Once you are in control of the pharmacist’s cart its almost over! Quickly use your GPS to ride back to the hospital and approach the objective marker here for a scene to end the memory.

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