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Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
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First Published: 14-12-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 20-02-2020 / 22:41 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-02-2020 / 14:36 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Guide

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Sequence 07

Memory 05 - Unbreaking the Bank

Note: If you are following the guide, you’ll probably be wondering where Memory 04 is. Fear not! Memory 04 is actually the final Memory in this Sequence and as such you’ll need to complete both Memory 05 and 06 before you can play it. As such, Memory 04 is listed as the final Memory in this sequence.

Optional Objective/s
1. Burn the counterfeit money.
2. Let the civilians into the bank.
Money: 900 £ Bonus: 250 £
XP: 700 XP Bonus: 250 XP
Gear: Firearms: M1877 "Lightning"

Part 1: Tail the Target

After initiating the memory, you’ll need to follow Abberline as he walks for a short while. He’ll let you know what’s going down and what we’ll be doing over the course of this memory.

Once the chat is over, head on over to the green objective marker in the market area across the street. This will transition to a search area upon arrival. Use Eagle Vision here to identify a person of interest who we’ll need to follow. Make sure you look at him long enough to tag him. He will recruit a pair of Thugs to follow him around so you need to keep your distance.

Either follow him slowly at ground level, or to make things a little less stressful, once you have tagged him you can use the Rope Launcher to reach the rooftops and follow him from above.

Follow the target from above (left). Be sure to grab a carriage of your own when he drives off though (right).

When he exits the marketplace into the street, quickly drop down behind his entourage and grab one of the nearby parked carriages. Once the counterfeiter boards a carriage of his own, follow this from a distance until he disembarks.

Our objectives will now update.

Part 2: Infiltrate and Steal the Printing Plates

We now have to infiltrate a building that is indicated by the objective marker. It and the small piece of real-estate surrounding the building is a restricted area occupied by nine enemies appearing both outside both at ground level and inside the building itself. Four of the thugs will hang out at the rear of the building, whilst the front has a single guard and there are four inside.

Now there is no shame in taking the tough approach, entering via the door along the main street and killing your way inside the building to the objective marker on the second floor and then out again, however we are assassins and supposed to be stealthy! For the sneaky gamers out there, there is a much easier way to infiltrate the building.

Note: There is an optional objective at this location to burn some counterfeit money. This can be found on a desk on the top floor of the building’s interior.

To do, this you’ll want to climb to the roof of the building directly north of the small restricted area on the map. If you look towards the target building from this rooftop, you’ll be able to find an open window 2/3 of the way up. Use a throwing knife to head shot the woman just inside the window. Rope Launch your way to the top of the target building and climb down to the window.

There are plenty of enemies guarding the plates (left) so its easier to enter via the window. Once inside, be sure to burn the fake money (right) before leaving.

We want to hang outside of the window for a moment until the fellow inside either comes close enough to perform a ledge assassination on, or loses interest in the body of his colleague and retreats inside. Enter the building and continue into the office straight ahead inside you’ll find the counterfeit money we need to burn for the optional objective on a desk. Interact with this to complete the objective.

Find the stairs leading down and eliminate the thug in the room below. Afterwards, loot the printing plates from the desk here before returning up the stairs and hopping back out the window for a sneaky getaway.

Make your way over to the green objective marker near the bank.

Part 3: Infiltrate the Bank

As we arrive at the bank, you’ll see a large crowd gathered outside.

Note: There is an optional objective at this point to allow these people into the bank.

Allowing these people into the bank is easy enough and can also aid your infiltration somewhat if you choose to go in at ground level. To allow them access we need to deal with the policeman standing guard at the door. Simply grab him and knock him out. This will complete the objective.

There are quite a few police inside the bank and you can infiltrate through the ground level if you wish, however there is a faster, easier route via the rooftop.

Knock out the policeman at the door (left) for the optional objective. The southern rooftop entrance (right) is the easiest way into the target area.

On the rooftop, find the smaller of the two dome-like structures located on the southern side. One of its windows is open. Enter here and work your way to the direct opposite side of the room (above the open door at ground level closest to the objective marker). From this position, if you look into the room below, there are four policemen and if you got here quick enough, they will all have their back turned to the door leading to the room with the marker. Drop down quietly and head inside.

Approach the objective marker and do your business before quickly crouching back to the room with the police and using your Rope Launcher to reach the ledges above. Pop back out the window we came in from.

Leave the restricted area surrounding the bank and move over to speak with Abberline to complete the memory.

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